An Art Salon on
“The Eastern Contemporary Paradigm of Spirituality”


Date│27th, December, 2014 (Sat) 3:00-5:00pm
Venue│SinoPac Holdings Zhonglun Building
Address│3rd Floor, No.306, Sec. 2 Bade Road, Taipei
“The Eastern Contemporary Paradigm of Spirituality,” jointly organized by Asia Art Center and SinoPac Holdings, will be held from 3pm to 5pm on the day of December 27th on the 3rd floor auditorium of SinoPac Holdings Zhonglun building. The art salon features internationally renowned Chinese abstract expressionist artist Yang Chihung as main speaker; professor Hsiao Chong-ray, an esteemed curator and art historian, as guest speaker; G Yeung Tin-shui, a senior feature writer on art and culture in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, as moderator. The talk will examine the convergence and divergence on the pursuit of aesthetics between east and west, “art” as expressions that bridges nature with culture, to the consideration of art forms as reflection of humanitarian, or even societal, concerns. At the same time, Yang’s journey from Soho, New York to becoming a distinguished artist internationally will be reviewed, as well as the question of how contemporary abstract structure harmonize itself within the cultural context of East and West.

The event is also in conjunction with the launch of new book Yang Chihung 1967-2014. Praised by artist Yang Chihung himself as the most important book thus far, this catalog consists of a comprehensive collection of artist’s half-century documentaries and works, as well as essays by distinguished art scholars.

“The Contemporary Eastern Paradigm of Spirituality in Abstract Expression” is an art salon carefully structured by Asia Art Center and SinoPac Holdings, who is committed to cultural preservation and promotion, for art lovers and collectors. Followed by the talk is a screening of Discovery Channel’s Yang Chihung episode, who was chosen to be the representative artist in the contemporary painting category, from the 4-part Chineseness series. By recognizing the modern, and restless, society needs art to enrich our souls, we hope through this platform, the audience can be introduced to a brave new “mindcape”.

Professor Hsiao Chong-ray and senior writer G Yeung Tin-shui, whose essays are also in the book, will be the honored guests at the art salon. Professor Hsiao Chong-ray is a prominent art historian who is praised for his great knowledge of the progression of Taiwanese art; he positively employs a scholar’s stringent attitude in historical and factual analysis, but also exacts the sensitivity and sharp insight unique to an art observer, making him one of the most renowned scholars within all facets of art. As a senior feature writer on art, G Yeung Tin-shui posssesses a rare vision and critical viewpoint distinct from most people.

Yang Chihung is considered as one of the most important contemporary Chinese abstract expressionist artists. He is the first artist of Chinese descent to be awarded The Clocktower residency, and his pioneering works soon land him the “Outstanding Asian-American Artist” award. Yang’s compilation New Trends in Modern Art on New York’s latest artistic trends introduced Chinese readers to new art theories.