San Francisco-based Artist Zheng Chongbin’s First Solo Exhibition in Taiwan: Reaching beyond ink art making to discover the art of ink
Date 2014.04.05 – 2014.05.04
Venue Asia Art Center Taipei ll
Address No.93, Lequn 2nd Rd., Taipei City 104, Taiwan

San Francisco-based Artist Zheng Chongbin’s First Solo Exhibition in Taiwan: Reaching beyond ink art making to discover the art of ink
Zheng Chongbin solo exhibition “The Matter Becomes Form” starts from April 5 2014. It is his first solo show in Taiwan. Zheng Chongbin was born in Shanghai in 1961. He currently resides in San Francisco with a studio in Shanghai. Zheng Chongbin attended Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (currently The China Academy of Art) to study Chinese Paintings, where he taught for four years after graduating in 1984. In 1989 he was awarded the First International Fellowship to further his training at the San Francisco Art Institute, acquiring his MFA in 1991. In 2011, his works were included into Christie’s exhibition on Chinese contemporary ink that featured pioneering artists. He is awarded the permanent site-specific installation art project from Moshe Safdie Associates, and commissioned by The Sand’s Corporation at Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort in Singapore. His works are also in the collection of the British Museum, San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Marina Bay Sands (Singapore), Daimler Art Collection (Germany), and the DSL Collection.
Tan Hwee Koon, a Singapore-based independent curator who curated Zheng’s solo exhibition “Negotiating Between Light And Ink” at Asia Art Center Beijing in 2012, also attended the opening and observed: “Following the Zheng Chongbin’s 2012 solo exhibition in Beijing, titled Negotiating between Light and Ink responding to the unique spatial condition of the German built Bauhaus style former state-owned electronic factory unit constructed in 1958; Zheng’s first solo exhibition in Taipei titled, Matter becomes Form is a continuation of his on-going exploration on the physical qualities of ink as a medium.”
In this exhibition, the artwork titles: The Volume of Light, Categorical Line, Gravitational Volume and Silhouette of the Line suggest the artist’s attempt to quantify the physical state of the medium ink on a more magnified level, layers of matt and shiny textures and colours expressed in the physicality of ink as a contemporary material. White Mountains No.2 & No. 3 evokes imaginary of landscapes while Module Nos. 1-1, 1-3 and 2 are stronger manifestations of geometrical forms – marking the transformation from landscape which is associated with the medium ink to the pure geometry form that focuses on the physicality of ink.
As contemporary ink art becomes prominent in the international art scene, many distinguished guests were present at the opening to experience Zheng’s creative energy, including abstract expressionist Yang Chihung and his wife; calligrapher Xu Yongjin and his wife Cheng Fang-Ho; ink artist Huang Yiming, and international curators and collectors. Even though most attendees were familiar with some outstanding contemporary ink artists, they felt what distinguishes Zheng from others is the importance of medium ink in Zheng Chongbin’s art practice, one that retains the core values of its history. At the same time, the artist emphasizes on the comtemporary procedures, particularly in regards to the material content that concerns the perception of mental volumes in relation to the physical space.
Welcome to the exhibition from April 5 to May 4 at Asia Art Center Taipei II to experience Zheng Chongbin’s contemporary ink art.