Artists|LI Chen, YANG Chihung, DONG Shaw-hwei, LEE Tsai-chien, KOON Wai Bong, Wang Pan-Youn, KOSHIMIZU Susumu, MATSUTANI Takesada, Ben EDMUNDS, Marius BERCEA

Date| 2020.10.22-10.26

Venue | Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 (No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan)

SVIP Preview|Invitation only
Oct. 22, 2020 (Thur) 12:00–21:00

VIP Preview|Invitation only
Oct. 22, 2020 (Thur) 15:00–21:00 & Oct. 23, 2020 (Fri) 11:00–14:00

Public Opening|
Oct. 23, 2020 (Fri) 14:00–19:00
Oct. 24, 2020 (Sat) 11:00–19:00
Oct. 25, 2020 (Sun) 11:00–19:00
Oct. 26, 2020 (Mon) 11:00–18:00

At Art Taipei 2020, Asia Art Center presents a curated exhibition of 3 sections that offers works from ten artists. Artist LI Chen curated a section to demonstrate and explores his philosophical thinking about time and the changes in life. The subtopics include ethic, family, and the mindset that had been turbulent but now reset in the present with a renewed young spirit. The exhibiting sculptures include: “Offering” (2006), “Interdependence”(2017), “Life in Repose (I)”(2018) and “Life in Repose (II)”(2018) as well as the latest paintings from Ethereal Cloud series.

Li Chen Interdependence. 2017 Bronze 39x37xH63.5cm

Li Chen Ephemeral Beauty. 2013 Bronze

Li Chen (left) Ink 197.8. (center) Ink 195.1-2. (right) Ink 195.7. 2019 Ink on paper 13x18cm;18x13cm
Li Chen (left) Life in Repose (I). 2018 Bronze 105x36x19cm (right) Life in Repose (II). 2018 Bronze 105x36x20.5cm

The international artist section is part of our long-term project since the 90s. In recent years, AAC has successfully entered the international art scene and has reached a fruitful result of representing Japanese Mono-ha masters and SEA artists. With years of preparation, we are honored to present a group of artists from Japan, Europe, and UK in our booth, including blue-chip artists KOSHIMIZU Susumu and MATSUTANI Takesada and the uprising stars Ben EDMUNDS and Marius BERCEA.

(Left to right)

Ben Edmunds
In Search of A Truth, with Only The Wind Whispering. 2020 Fabric dye on canvas with eyelets, anodized bolts, custom straps and carbon fiber support 42x32cm
As Far as we Have Been. 2020 Fabric dye and acrylic on canvas with custom straps 42x32cm
A New Start. 2020 Bleached canvas with artist’s frame and custom straps 42x32cm
An Adventure of Faith (Sky Blue). 2020 Fabric dye on canvas with carbon fibre support, etched bolts and custom straps 47x102cm

Marius Bercea
Untitled. 2020 Oil on canvas 120x80cm
Girl with Blue Dress. 2020 Oil on canvas 130x90cm
Date in Absence. 2020 Oil on canvas 50x40cm

Koshimizu Susumu
(Upper left) Paulownia and Green. 2018 aulownia wood and rokusho (Eastern gouache) 60×39.9×2.6cm
(Upper right) Paulownia and Purple. 2018 Paulownia wood and marasaki-shu (Eastern gouache) 60×39.9×2.7cm
(Lower left) Paulownia and Deep Blue. 2018 Paulownia wood and gunjo (Eastern gouache) 59.5×40×2.7cm
(Lower right) Paulownia and Cinnabar. 2018 Paulownia wood and shinsha (Eastern gouache) 60×39.6×2.7cm

Lee Tsai-chien
(Rear) Golden Proportion. 2015 Wooden relief and iron on canvas 152×152×5.5cm
(Front) Minimal to Infinite. 1983 Stainless steel, spray paint L110×W48×H47cm

Matsutani Takesada Germination-2014. 2014 Mixed media on canvas 162x130x5cm

In the section of Asian artists, the presented five artists are YANG Chihung, DONG Shaw-hwei, LEE Tsai-chien, KOON Wai Bong and WANG Pan-Youn. Featured works include the latest works of YANG’s painting “2020”(2020); Dong’s 4 oil paintings from “The Still Life of Black & White” series (2020) and a set of 12 watercolors “Courtyard Bajiao Bananas at Dawn and Dusk Light and Shadow”(2020); KOON’s “Bamboo in Solitude”(2020), a group of 15 independent bamboo ink paintings. As well as LEE Tsai-chien’s iconic red sculpture “Minimal to Infinite” (1983) which had gained international reputation since its debut in the 80s. We also release a collection set of Wang Pan-Youn’s watercolors which have never been displayed before. Wang’s works have a long-lasting sense delicate charm that triumphs the passing time.

(Left to right)

Koon Wai Bong Bamboo in Solitude. 2020 Color on shikishi cardboard 180x10cmx15
Lee Tsai-chien Love of River. 2019 Stainless steel L60xW20xH86cm
Yang Chihung Illumination. 2019 Acrylic on canvas 125x194cm
Yang Chihung 2020. 2020 Acrylic on canvas 162x125cm

Dong Shaw-hwei (Left to right)

Green Rhythm. 2016 Oil on canvas 91×72.5cm
Holiday Morning. 2020 Oil on canvas 130x100cm
A Peaceful Day – Pomegranate Flowers. 2020 Oil on canvas 80x65cm

Wang Pan-Youn (Left to right)

Blue Mountain. Watercolor on paper 54x54cm
Solitary. Watercolor on paper 30.5×39.5cm
Contemplating. Watercolor on paper 54.5x66cm
Autumn. 1992 Watercolor on paper 55x79cm
Looking Up. Watercolor on paper 54x39cm
Country Houses. Watercolor on paper 26.5×26.5cm
Leading a Simple Life. Watercolor on paper 40×55.5cm
Sailing. Oil on canvas 72x60cm