Since Asia Art Center presented the concept “Spirit of the East” in 2007, we endeavor to promote our artists onto the international platforms and have successfully participated in projects including Venice Biennale, Li Chen’s Premiere Sculpture Exhibition at the Place Vendôme in Paris, and CHINESENESS of Discovery Channel. In 2014, we continued to strengthen the artists’ global standing and re-structure their creative concept for broader audience; meanwhile, researches on experimental and emerging artists were also carried out, in the hope to bring in new ideas and perspectives in the field of contemporary art.

“Ink” as a traditional Chinese medium, with its profound cultural significance and immense creative possibilities, has attracted much attention from the West in recent years. More importantly, how does the transformation of “contemporary ink art” reflect the movement of contemporary art on the global level? In 2014, Asia Art Center Taipei II presented The Matter Becomes Form – Zheng Chongbin and his ink media, and Asia Art Center Beijing Rendering the Future – Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition, inviting esteemed artists and scholars to give out intellectual discourses on the advancement of Chinese art, and to discover the richness and complexity of ink art.

To examine further the connection between culture and medium expression, Asia Art Center Taipei II organized The Wall of Enigmas– Ying Tianqi Solo Exhibition and Beijing Micro Infinity– Solo Exhibition of Qu Qianmei, these artists utilize various materials as carrier of ideas, expressing abstract concepts instilled from microscopic details, fully showcasing the artists’ empathy, vicissitudes of life, or passion that is unique to Eastern cultural heritage.

Having gone through over one year of preparation and coordination, Asia Art Center launched the milestone exhibition The Poetics of Polyphony: Yang Chihung Solo Exhibition in October, 2014. This exhibition was the first co-exhibition of our Taipei I & II galleries, displaying the artist’s documentaries and artwork over the last half century. Professor Hsiao Chong-ray was also invited to give speech on the day of opening, where many scholars, artists, and media gathered to celebrate. The full record of documentaries and important essays have been included in the substantial book Yang Chihung 1967-2014 published by Asia Art Center, namely the most comprehensive memoir about the artist thus far.

On the other hand, Beijing flagship gallery presented Journey of Solitary Existence: Li Chen’s “Ordinary People” Series Debut Exhibition in November, 2014, where Yin Shuangxi, Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts and Vice Chair of China Sculpture Institute, was invited to be the curator. Unlike Li Chen’s serene bronze sculptures that most people are familiar with, “Ordinary People” series uses crackled clay models to indicate the imperfection of human nature. The monumental and powerful works presented at the exhibition venue are evidence of the artist’s keen, critical yet compassionate observation of the society, a revelation of his contemplation upon the twisted behaviors and phenomena in the world we live in.

Besides exhibitions, Asia Art Center was also very active in organizing forums and participating in art fairs. In 2014, we co-organized “Sharing Insights with Li Chen” with UBS Singapore, and Yang Chihung Art Salon with SinoPac Holdings, Taipei. On the other hand, we brought amazing works of Xu Bing, Zhang Huang, Gao Xingjian, Wang Tiande, Liu Dan, and more to Art Beijing and Art Taipei, and engaged in supporting young artists through MIT (Made in Taiwan) program of Art Taipei. Meanwhile, the first English-French book of Li Chen, Monumental Levity of Li Chen, was also published, inviting senior French editor Mr. Dimitri Bruyas, to be the author, re-telling the artist’s story through Westerner’s perspective, and hence to bridge with international art lovers. Asia Art Center is committed to making “Art” more than merely a visual pleasure, and our mission expands to include cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary educational purposes.

In January, 2015, Asia Art Center launched This is Not Painting: Exploring the Boundary of Painting at the Taipei II gallery. Five exhibiting emerging artists: Chen Yufan, Dong Dawei, Li Shurui, Li Yiwen, Ma Shuqing, each uses their own way to challenge the norm of viewing a painting, through which open possibilities are being reviewed. This exhibition also marks the beginning of our determination to explore the boundary of art and be the pioneer in pinpointing the contemporary art trend.

Reaching our 33 years of establishment, Asia Art Center grows firmly and steadily. Looking ahead, we shall continue to bring in high-quality exhibitions with our unique and professional vision, expanding our scope to include new generation artists. The first imminent art fair would be Art15 London in May, 2015, and then Yang Chihung’s premiere solo exhibition at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo, Japan, in October, 2015. We sincerely welcome you to follow our events and look forward to another fruitful year!

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