Venue: Olympia London
Duration: May 21-23, 2015
Booth Number: B2

Asia Art Center is pleased to announce our participation in Art15 London from May 21st to 23rd, 2015. A diverse group of modern and contemporary artists are featured, exhibiting their latest and most iconic works, including Li Chen, Pan Hsinhua, Yang Chihung, Ying Tianqi, Wang Tiande, Yeh Jenkun, Chen Yufan and Ma Shuqing. For years, Asia Art Center has been dedicated in promoting modern and contemporary art embedded in Eastern roots, providing platforms on an international scale for young emerging artists as well as those established.

Li Chen accomplished a style which has fully liberated itself from the confines of tradition by incorporating feelings of self-mindfulness and interpretations of Chinese classics from the Buddhist and Taoist traditions, blended with contemporary thought, evincing a remarkably refreshing and natural affect. After solo sculpture exhibitions at Frye Art Museum in Seattle and Place Vendome in Paris, Li Chen’s works are exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival in May of this year, conquering two major cities in Europe at the same time!

Pan Hsinhua’s fascination with ink is evident in his paintings- its bizarre but whimsical style of expression permeates the many silent and displaced spaces, combined with the almost cold and indifferent figures, resulting in a distance that is captivating and thought-provoking.

As the first artist of Chinese descent to be awarded the Clocktower residency, Yang Chihung’s prodigious talents exude an abstraction, which is replete with a profound sense of the natural world, through abstract color construction, evincing inchoate semiotics, by reifying the external world we seem to know, as means to express the rollercoaster dynamics of our inner worlds.

Since exhibiting at the Venice Biennale for three consecutive years, artist Ying Tianqi continues to reflect on the history and memories of China. Through an assortment of mixed media, Ying creates unique visual effects that mimic the two-dimensional plane and three-dimensional space. Multilayered color blocks are utilized and arranged to convey the legacy of histories.

Wang Tiande’s Mountain Behind (Houshan) series replaces traditional calligraphic strokes with flames, the hollowed out landscape or calligraphic work masks the monotype prints of ancient steel plates underneath, establishing an atmosphere where contemporary art meets the past.

Since his recognition and feature in the Made in Taiwan- Young Artist Discovery section of Art Taipei 2014, Taiwanese young emerging artist Yeh Jenkun will be making his debut in London. As the first prize winner of the Emerging Artist award at the Taipei Contemporary Ink Painting Biennale in 2010, Yeh’s meticulous touch and insights capture the slow and quiet, gradually forgotten corners in our city.

Chen Yufan rose to fame with Mulan River Project, which aims to commemorate his village but also to consolidate and unite its people’s memories. The artist crafts out works that mimic the precision of machines, proposing immediate reaction and comment to different matters, no excessive information needed- Chen’s works appear minimalistic, but in reality is richly textured and pleasantly warm.

Ma Shuqing, deeply influenced by abstract art from his time in Germany, applies fields of colors to his canvas by alternatively pressing and scraping off layers of oil paints. Colors exist as concrete paints and pigments, while “time” and “space” become something tangible. Colors collide into a rich and fascinating texture on the frame of the canvas.

The most carefully selected works from the East are spotlighted in Asia Art Center’s debut in Art London. As the spirit of the East continues to reinterpret the essence of Chinese culture, we have also expanded our scope to contemporary art, extending and enriching the meaning of art. Asia Art Center sets eyes on Europe this year, continues to find new platforms and opportunities for artist, and to share with European audience a brand new perspective into Asian art!