Asia Art International Group Corporation is pleased to make two major announcements: 1) The 1800m2 brand new flagship gallery space for Asia Art Center will open in 2021 in Taipei, Taiwan; 2) “A+ Contemporary”, the gallery brand for contemporary art established in 2015, will be re-launched as the non-profit “A+ Foundation.” This new foundation will focus on academic research, art publishing, cooperation with related institutions and art collection. In addition, the exhibition space that belonged to A+ Contemporary will become Asia Art Center’s third branch city gallery, after the existing ones in Taipei and Beijing. Artists originally represented by A+ Contemporary will henceforth be included on the Asia Art Center artist roster.

Asia Art Center has operated in Taipei, Taiwan for 38 years and throughout that time maintained unparalleled passion and professionalism, promoting high quality art programs and art education. The brand-new Asia Art Center flagship space will soon be completed in the Dazhi area of Taipei and is set to showcase a series of large-scale international exhibitions in 2021. The high-ceiling gallery display area comes with a flexible space that is suitable for a wide range of exhibition forms. There is also a 3000m2 outdoor walkway area which in the future can be used to show large public sculptures and installations. All exhibition programs will be presented on the basis of the gallery’s distinctive curatorial concept.

The opening of Asia Art Center’s flagship space is set for late 2020 in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Asia Art Center headquarters building has already reached the completion stage, and currently the interior is being constructed by the Taiwanese renowned decorator “Dynasty Design.” The Dazhi area is an upscale area in Taipei City, with relatively rare low-density planning. Indeed, the area is an urban green belt with wide street, parks and rivers; to the south is the Keelung River, to the North Yangmingshan, and Songshan Airport, the National Palace Museum, and Neihu Technology Park can all be reached within 10 minutes by car. In Dazhi and the neighboring Neihu District there are many arts, technology and media industries. We are confident that the opening of the Asia Art Center headquarters will add to the artistic vitality of the area.

(left to right) Steven Lee, Asia Art Center (Taipei), Thomas Dun-lang Lee, the Group’s Chairman, Alan Lee, Asia Art Center (Beijing)

We are thrilled about this plan! We spent more than 10 years searching for a suitable location, and we finally found one. It is 80m from the Jiannan Station on the Wenhu Line of the Taipei MRT and parking is also very convenient. Before work started on the building, we discussed our plans with the construction company to customize the layout, including pipes, pillar position, and greenery on the ground floor to meet the specific needs of an international art exhibition space. Great care was taken in the planning of this project because it will act as a “home” in which Asia Art Center can become a more thriving enterprise, where outstanding artists from around the world can bring their exquisite art to share to the audience.

— Thomas Dun-lang Lee, Chairman, Asia Art Center

The opening of Asia Art Center’s flagship space marks our ambition of presenting even more diverse and international art curation and exchange projects by creating a greater space for the cross-cultural aesthetics of the future.

— Alan Lee, Managing Director, Asia Art Center

The broad space of the new headquarters provides artists with a stage on which to showcase their creativity and passion in an unprecedented manner, providing those viewing the works with a visual feast and sense of spiritual satisfaction. Excellent works absolutely need a quality space in which to be exhibited in order for their brilliance to be fully appreciated and realized.

— Steven Lee, Managing Director, Asia Art Center

Asia Art Center’s flagship space is located in the Dazhi area of Taipei, Taiwan
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The new headquarters has 1800 m2 of floor space which is more than double that of the two spaces Asia Art Center currently has in Taipei. It will be divided into three different sized gallery spaces, a VIP room, an office seating 30 staff members, a library, a multimedia conference room, and an art work warehouse. All of the exhibition space will be open-plan with no pillars, multiple hanging points and professional lighting, which make it possible to support a wide range of multimedia modern and contemporary art displays, providing artists with a high-quality platform on which to show their works.

Asia Art Center currently has branches in downtown Taipei, Beijing 798 Art Zone and Shanghai M50 Creative Park, with a combined total of more than 3000m2 in display space. These primarily focus on Asian modern and contemporary art, including overseas Chinese artists, Taiwan’s Fifth Moon and Ton Fan (‘Eastern’) Art Societies, Japan’s Mono-ha and Gutai, South Korea’s Dansaekhwa (‘monochrome painting’), Singapore’s Nanyang School, Indonesia’s Bandung and Yogyakarta Schools, Filipino modern art and New Eastern Literati Painting and experimental art. Over the past few years Asia Art Center has organized more than 300 art events in over 20 cities.

As a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, the solo exhibition by Japanese postwar Mono-ha master Susumu Koshimizu at the Asia Art Center (Shanghai), Li Yushuang solo exhibition at the Asia Art Center (Beijing), both originally planned for March 2020, have been postponed or canceled. For the latest updates please visit our official websites:

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A+ Foundation