Chineseness: XU BING premieres TONIGHT (1/5) at 9pm on Discovery Channel

The aesthetic of deconstructing and reconstructing cultural signifiers! “Chineseness: Xu Bing”will show you how the distinguished Chinese contemporary artist brings art closer to people with innovative reinterpretation of Chinese aesthetics and characters.
In this episode, archeologist and artist Agnes Hsu will explore the development of Chinese art through Xu Bing. It will examine how the artist deconstructs Chinese culture yet at the same time, preserves the essence of it; and see how his New English Calligraphy manages to create a sensation in the international art scene.
Rebroadcast Time: Every Thursday (1/9)at 7pm
Starting Feb. 4th, Chineseness on Discovery Channel every Tuesday at 7pm
2/4 Li Chen, 2/11 Yang Chihung, 2/18 Xu Bing, 2/25 Zhang Huan