Exhibition Director: ZOE CHANG, How Art Museum
Venue: Asia Art Center Taipei II ∣ No.93, Lequn 2nd Rd., Taipei
10462, Taiwan
Date: Jan 31-Mar 29, 2015
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00am – 6:30pm (Closed on Monday)

Asia Art Center’s first exhibition of 2015-This is Not Painting-Exploring the Boundary of Painting opened on January 31st. Zoe Chang from How Art Museum, Shanghai was invited to take on the position as exhibition director, and five of the most anticipated Chinese contemporary artists were gathered for the first time-Chen Yufan, Dong Dawei, Li Shurui, Li Yiwen and Ma Shuqing. A refreshing step unlike any other before is taken, as the notion of painting continues to be broadened and re-interpreted, “painting” persists in reinventing itself in countless brilliant ways. Among the artists, Dong Dawei creates a site-specific artwork at gallery for the first time. His work emphasizes on the process of the act of painting, reiterating that painting is both instantaneous and temporal.

On the day of the opening, exhibiting artists and exhibition director all attended to greet the crowd. Art Emperor, one of the largest art platforms in Taiwan, also arranged a guided tour to enhance interaction between the artists and interested audience. “I find that audiences here are especially interested in the “concept” behind each artwork, and I am certainly glad to exchange ideas with them,” one of the artists stated. Furthermore, media and frequent visitors and collectors of Asia Art Center noticed that the gallery has taken on a new direction to observe the trend of “new painting”, and the upcoming exhibitions are also highly anticipated.

With rapid advancement of science and technology, the taste for contemporary art has changed drastically over time through a series of overthrows, destructions, and revolutions. A new form of painting belonging to the present is brewing. The exhibition This is Not Painting runs till March 29th, 2015.