The new space has 1800 square meters of floor space, which is larger than the total space of our old Taipei venue 1 and venue 2, including 3 exhibition rooms, 2 VIP rooms, a multimedia conference room, an office and storages. All exhibition spaces are open-plan without columns, and are equipped with multiple rigging points and professional lighting, which can support diverse multimedia art displays. There is also a 3000-square-meter outdoor walkway area, which is perfect for large-scale sculptures and installations!

Asia Art Center currently has branches in downtown Taipei, Beijing 798 Art Zone and Shanghai M50 Creative Park, with a combined total of more than 3000 sqm in display space. These primarily focus on Asian modern and contemporary art, including overseas Chinese artists, Taiwan’s Fifth Moon and Ton Fan (‘Eastern’) Art Societies, Japan’s Mono-ha and Gutai, Singapore’s Nanyang School, Indonesia’s Bandung and Yogyakarta Schools, Filipino modern art and New Eastern Literati Painting and experimental art. Over the past few years Asia Art Center has organized more than 300 art events in over 20 cities.[/vc_column_text]

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Gallery A

Gallery B

Gallery C

VIP room

Meeeting room