Gaze into Illusions – PAN Hsinhua Solo Exhibition

Representative contemporary ink painting artist, PAN Hsinhua, shows the reincarnation of traditional painting language

“Contemporary ink painting”–a novel expression that incorporates Chinese traditional ink painting and Western artistic concepts, raises questions on innovative ideas as well as cultural and national identity, and thus enjoys a unique reputation in the international art circles. It’s with no surprise that it has been the center of attention for the past two years. Important art institutions and leading auction houses have also organized exhibitions around this art form.
Pan Hsinhua, born in 1966 in Taimali, Taitung, is one representative Taiwanese artist known for his handcrafted paper. In 2013, he was invited to participate in the featured exhibition of the Chengdu Biennale “Contemporary Ink Painting: Ink Works from Taiwan”. He continues to bring innovative ideas and techniques amongst traditions, to seek the largest freedom of composition within limits, and to meticulously combine his personal insights, visual aesthetics, and mindset into paintings. Pan maintains a tenuous relationship with traditional painting, and his unique combination of art has allowed him to step onto the world stage as a representative contemporary ink artist from Taiwan.