“Intellectual Numbness”: Liao Yu-An Solo Exhibition

Acclaimed Emerging Contemporary Artist’s Premiere
Solo Exhibition in 2 Years
An intellectual crisis of “smart” generation
You are invited to visit the “Intellectual Numbness – Liao Yu-An Solo Exhibition” to view the youthful vision of Liao Yu-An, with appealing works profoundly describing contemporary urban living. The exhibition runs through the end of August, at the Asia Art Center Taipei II in Dazhi, Taipei (No. 93, Lequn 2nd Road).While exploring changes in his aesthetic rendering techniques, Liao Yu-An’s creative axis never steered away from exploring the urban crowd lifestyle and portraying the state of interpersonal interactions now, but from the initially directly bold spoofing, to seeking self-healing, through attention to small plots to vent one’s emotions, Liao Yu-An engages in continuous self-examination and challenges, in this series of works, with the viewpoint further extended in the hope of inspiring the viewer to ponder issues, as the works evince a meticulous introversion.
This series of works direct our attention to the age of omnipotent technology, where we are facing the crisis of intellectual disability and interpersonal alienation.