During the festival, Li Chen’s sculptures successfully captured the attention of numerous celebrities and journalists, among which Karine Plantadit from New York was especially inspired by the peace and energy that the sculptures exuded, and decided to perform a beautiful choreography onsite. The powerful yet lightening dance seems to resonate with the “monumental levity” of artist’s work.
Karine Plantadit is a dancer and performer. She was born in France and raised in Cameroon. She moved to Cannes, France, at age 14 to study dance. She subsequently moved to New York City to study dance with Alvin Ailey.
Plantadit was nominated in 2010 for a Tony Award in the category of Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her playing the role of Kate in the musical Come Fly Away. She was also in Saturday Night Fever, The Lion King, Movin’ Out and Frida.
Karine Plantadit recently posted on her personal website: “I was at the Majestic Plage during the festival when I encountered the statues of Li Chen. A Taiwanese brilliant artist who has been commissioned to bring 3 of his statues to the Festival to infuse calm, serenity and innocence. I was so moved I asked to meet the artist and ask him if I could offer my motion to his statues with is blessing.
The rendez vous was established and I would like to offer you the result of this encounter.
Li Chen has exposed recently in the Place Vendome in Paris. Float to Sukhavati is a work intended as a visual and sensual therapy to help modern human lacking spirituality. Li Chen thinks that in this ever spinning world, we are loosing our ability to the deep sleep which babies can achieve. Hopefully the work will make you feel Peace.
Li Chen :This for you and for everything we care to bring to this beautiful planet who suffered often of our lack of care…in this moment, I feel we have achieved part of our mission I thank you from the depth of my heart.”
Throughout the two-and-a-half minute dance, Karine continued to carry a smile on her face, as if drifting with the “Float to Sukhavati”, delivering the flowing energy of static sculpture with swift movements, providing a new perspective and visual experience for the viewer.