Leigh Li-Yun Wen First Solo Exhibition at Asia Art Center
Attracted Important International Figures on the Opening Vernissage

“The Unfathomable Universe: Leigh Li-Yun Wen Solo Exhibition” is on view at Asia Art Center—Taipei Ⅱ branch gallery at Dazhi from March 2nd to 31st, 2013. With the presence of the artist herself, the opening vernissage held on March 2nd was a great success, attracting enthusiastic collectors, media, scholars, and artists.
Leigh Li-Yun Wen was born in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1959. Having resided in the United States for over 30 years, she received her M.F.A. from the State University of New York at Albany in 1994, and is currently engaged in the Art in Embassies Program of the United States Department of State, three works are permanent collection of the nation. This exhibition features Leigh Li-Yun Wen’s different creative themes in her recent oil paintings, which encompasses four elements including water, earth, air, and fire; leading viewers to plunge into an unfathomable universe.
Leigh Li-Yun Wen graduated from one of the most prestigious art schools in Taiwan – National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA). Despite a drizzling afternoon, important alumni of the university including current professor of Yuan Ze University, all joined to admire the artworks. Asia Art Center has acquired the exclusive right to display in this exhibition the artist’s most outstanding works. Thanks to the founder of Asia Art Center, Mr. Lee Duan Lang, who received the honor of being a Distinguished Alumni of NTUA on its 50th anniversary and who has established a solid relationship with the artist; their effort and trust contribute to the success of this first cooperation.
“Water” seems to be the signature element and recurrent theme in Leigh Li-Yun Wen’s works. However, the president of Asia Art Center, Mr. Lee, believes that the artist has far greater potential: “She’s not only famous for depicting ‘water,’ but her ‘Yu-Shang’ had won the first prize in the competition ‘Yu-Shang – In the Heart of the Artist’ held by E. Sun Bank. In this exhibition we aim to emphasize such wide range of her artistic creation, each is meticulously selected to represent a phenomenon of the universe, and she really did an incredible job!” Since the artist spends most of her time overseas, many important collectors attended the vernissage on this rare occasion to meet her in person. The former director of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), is particularly interested in the “cultural ambassador’s” exhibition. Several prominent figures also showed up, such as presidents from the leading brands in hotel and frozen food industry, former director of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia and Deutsches Institut Taipei, and people from fashion and boutique industry, they all came to witness the powerful visual impact in the artist’s works.
There seems to contain a mysterious three-dimensional space in Leigh Li-Yun Wen’s paintings, which extend beyond the canvas and glitter under spotlight. The artist stated: “I had studied pottery and zinc plate printmaking before, and although they are physically depleting works, I still spent a great amount of time learning the techniques. This experience helps me create depths and swells on the painted surface.” While the artist enjoys the freedom of improvisation, the viewers are opened to a multifaceted visual feast. From March 2nd to 31st, 2013, “The Unfathomable Universe: Leigh Li-Yun Wen Solo Exhibition” will be held at Asia Art Center—Taipei Ⅱ branch gallery at Dazhi (No.93, Lequn 2nd Rd., Taipei 10462, Taiwan), come and appreciate the life inside the heart of the universe.