On the evening of 28th May, 2015, the 9th Annual Award of Art China ceremony was held at the Forbidden City. This year’s AAC comprises three awards: Artist of the Year, Young Artist of the Year, and Art Publication of the year, among which Lin Ke was recognized as Young Artist of the Year. His three works: Download Rain No.2, Lighting No.1, and Pu, are currently on display at Asia Art Center Taipei II “This is Not Video” exhibition.
According to Philip Tinari: “Lin Ke’s creation employs a classic realistic method to provide an analogy of the present. He transforms lines and colors into variety of images in the computer. Such complexity of observation and strict logical structure are especially intriguing. It can lead to people’s profound imagination about natural and artificial, reality and illusion, which surpasses the meaning of the image itself. In Lin Ke’s work we felt a young’s man’s loneliness in the era of Internet, yet a warm reflection of emotion from the screen shows the artist’s ‘good intentions’ and hope towards the world.”
Lin Ke’s speech emphasized that he never stopped creating: “…yet I am not so sure if these works are considered ‘art’, since they exist in the cyberspace and have no physical presence. I am glad that some friends like it, and thus notice me.” He also amused himself by comparing his work with an owner of Taobao shop (virtual shop on the internet), who can make a living by managing virtual objects.”
The 9th Annual Award of Art China for Young Artist of the Year nominees include: Cheng Ran, Lin Ke, Hu Weiyi, aaajiao, Yang Xinguang. Lin Ke and aaajiao’s work can be seen at Asia Art Center Taipei II until 7th June, revealing the various ways in which artists choose to express themselves.

Artists: aaajiao, Lin Ke, Liu Guoqiang, Liu Yue, Zhu Changquan
Duration: 2nd May, 2015 – 7th June, 2015
Address: No.93, Lequn 2nd Rd., Taipei 104, Taiwan (Asia Art Center Taipei II)
Exhibition Director: How Art Museum Zoe Chang