Venue: Olympia London
Duration: May 21-23, 2015 
Booth: B2
Artists: Li Chen, Pan Hsinhua, Yang Chihung, Ying Tianqi, Wang Tiande, Yeh Jenkun, Chen Yufan, Ma Shuqing

Following the grand opening of Li Chen’s works at the Cannes Film Festival, Asia Art Center arrives at our next stop in Europe- Art15 London, in an effort to introduce Asian Art to a wider global audience! As one of the leading metropolitan cities in Europe, London has attracted art lovers and collectors from all over the world, who have come to observe the latest trends in the art market.

The VIP Preview on the night of May 20th drew in waves of people, among them the director of Long Museum Wang Wei and renowned curator Dai Zhuoqun; multiple international media partners such as The Telegraph, Art Review, and The New York Times are also highly intrigued as all witness the multitude of changes to the London art market, which are a direct result of globalization. Art15 London has been a breath of fresh air to the European art circle, and its success and remarkable results from the past two years garnered the attention and appreciation of many local and international collectors.

Asia Art Center proudly presents eight artists, both established and emerging, who are rooted in the concepts of Spirit of the East and the contemporary realm, and widely recognized and praised by European collectors. Situated at the entrance of the booth welcoming its visitors is Li Chen’s large scale sculpture All in One; the subtlety of its monumental levity overcome cultural barriers to convey the upmost joy and wonder. Wang Tiande, whose work is part of the collection at the British Museum, utilizes a superbly controlled technique of charring with incense to create his paintings, extending and innovatively conveying the essence of Chinese culture. The different symbols and elements found within Pan Hsinhua’s paintings appear familiarly unfamiliar, as if one is investigating a map of memories. Yang Chihung’s abstract expressionist works allow its viewers to process and contemplate the melancholic emotions when faced with the inevitable loss of time. Ying Tianqi tells stories of ancient buildings through mixed media works; he believes that the memories these buildings carry are significantly beyond what humans could ever achieve.

The delicate details as well as warmth embedded within Chen Yufan’s works are evident. His mechanical precision creates the effect of three-dimensional plane, a repeated process that is rich in passion of handcrafted labor. Ma Shuqing brilliantly executes the pureness of colors as he collides them with one another to mimic the otherwise intangible time and space. Emerging Taiwanese artist Yeh Jenkun is also incredibly well-received; the forgotten corners of cities depicted question viewers whether it is a self portrait of the artist or simply a reflection of our internal world, while the bright blue sky portrayed on silk and canvas appears ever so enticing.

Asia Art Center has been dedicated in introducing and providing artists with important international platforms in order to elevate the visibility of Asian art within global art circle, and London proves to be another vital and fruitful stride!