Opening : “The Twelve Faces of Humankind” – Hua Qing Solo Exhibition

A Forever Inquiry into the Dialogue between Rationality and Wild Nature
The vernissage of The Twelve Faces of Humankind – 2013 Hua Qing Solo Exhibition at Asia Art Center Taipei II in Dazhi was held successfully on May 18th. The artist values this exhibition very much and had flown over to Taiwan from Beijing to personally meet collectors and media reporters, endowing the exhibition with enthusiastic beginning.
Hua Qing, wearing a beret with a plaid shirt and, perhaps influenced by the Western culture, the artist speaks in a direct but affectionate way, without stereotypes of an artist’s personality. When talking about his creative works, it is difficult not to discern the artist’s romantic and free spirit. We could explain such loving characters from two major events in his life: first, he refused to accept the position that Chinese government offered after he returned from Europe, and instead chose to become Artist-In-Residence selected for the Old Summer Palace (Yuanmingyuan) to engage in vanguard art activities. Against the backdrop of political conservatism, Hua is said to be one of the pioneers in the early “artist residency programs” in China, as well as the first generation of Chinese SoHo (freelancers). Since the location of Yuanmingyuan is close to Peking University, the academic atmosphere and avant-garde artistic movement had led other creative people to station there, forming a symbolic “elite” coterie. Although Chinese artists nowadays no longer need to fight for their dreams against social restraints through the form of congregation, Hua Qing, as one of the first resident artists, remains a significant figure in Chinese contemporary art history. Secondly, Hua Qing, who had lived in Taiwan for 6 years, is not only familiar with the island, but is also nourished by the profound memories that provide him with artistic inspirations. The renowned“red ape” series was thus born, juxtaposing humans and animals, rationality and wild nature – concept based on which he created his later artworks. This exhibition of twelve zodiac animals completely transforms the traditional twelve zodiac signs as metaphors of reincarnation and destiny. However, the dialogue regarding the similarity and dissimilarity between humanity and savagery still continues in Hua Qing’s paintings.
Among the exhibiting works, Elephant attracts most collectors’ attention. Unlike the other oil paintings of rich colors and bold strokes, Elephant appears rather light and vivid in black and white. In fact, the artist had added more pigment to increase the fluidity for more freehand expression. While the artist experimenting with different media’s possibilities, he is also immersed in the joyful simplicity of pure painting – sentiments that are reveled through his artworks.
We cordially invite you to visit The Twelve Faces of Humankind – 2013 Hua Qing Solo Exhibition to find a moment of peace for your mind in a hot summer season. The exhibition will be on view at Asia Art Center Taipei II in Dazhi, Taipei (No. 93, Lequn 2nd Road).