Title 「Deep Ridge•Remote Way」Chuang Che Solo Exhibition – National Art Museum of China
Artist Chuang Che
Date Aug.27 – Sep. 4, 2007
Venue National Art Museum of China

「Deep Ridge•Remote Way」Chuang Che Solo Exhibition – National Art Museum of China

With the invitation from the National Art Museum of China, the overseas Chinese artist Chuang Che presents his first major exhibition, “Deep Ridge•Remote Way”, at the most important national art museum in China. The Director of the museum, Fan Di-an, will personally host the opening reception and forum of the exhibition on Aug. 27th, and the artist Chuang Che will also be in attendance from his current residence New York City.


Immersed in the American art environment for the past decades, Chuang Che has been determined to fuse the artistic styles of East and West, where he has achieved so through transforming Chinese traditional landscape paintings into gesturally abstracted visions. Moreover, his reinterpretation of the traditional ink practices has injected a literati imagery into the abstracted formality, displaying the harmonic convergence of the artistic values from both worlds.


The exhibition “Deep Ridge•Remote Way” highlights Chuang’s compositions from 1985 to 2006. Blue Silence (1985) depicts a serene primitive icefield atop a turquoise-blue undertone, where the splattered brushstrokes fabricate a hazy illusion of a distant landscape; in addition, works such as Birth of the Universe (2000), Lake and Mountain Scenery (2006), and Mountain and Cloud (2006) all exude the calligraphic poetics constituted upon the artist’s dynamic and rhythmic brushstrokes. Chuang has long resisted against the stylistic categorization of art, as quoted from the artist, “whether I am an abstract artist is of no significance. The more important question is to explore the innate meaning underneath the work’s formality.” Thus, this exhibition showcases a complete presentation of Chuang’s artistic progression in terms of his media application and technical innovation, formulating a brilliant convergence between the Eastern and Western cultures.


Chuang Che’s first catalogue will also be published along with this exhibition, detailing his iconic works from 1963 to 2007, summarizing his fifty-year career into a retrospective documentary. In today’s chaotic world filled with superficial cultural symbolisms, we are ever more in need of insightful and articulate artists like Chuang Che.


Red Rocky Path

Vicissitudes of Nature

Oath of Mountain

Castle in the Night

Emptiness in Welkin

Stone Dream

Birth of the Universe


Night Flame

Lake and Mountain

Mountain and Cloud

Green River

Variation on Shesshu’s Broken Ink Landscape No.07

Variation on Shesshu’s Broken Ink Landscape No.08

Man of Landscape

Light with Shadow

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