Exhibition Asia Art Center Taipei II Grand Opening – Chihung Yang Solo Exhibition
Artist Chihung Yang
Duration 2012-11-03 ~ 2012-12-09
Opening 2012-11-03(Sat) 3:00pm

Asia Art Center ( Taipei II ) 

Asia Art Center Taipei II Grand Opening – Chihung Yang Solo Exhibition

Asia Art Center has now reached our 30th anniversary, making us one of the most well established art galleries in Taiwan, featuring our Taipei based Jianguo South Rd. Gallery, and since 2007, our Beijing 798 Art District flagship gallery, as well as our 2010 entry into Singapore. By the end of 2012 we completed our second Taipei gallery at Dazhi, and our premiere exhibit feature Taiwan’s leading Abstract Expressionism Chihung Yang with a solo Exhibition entitled “Mindscape”, which will feature the master’s new works for 2012.

Chihung Yang is one of the leading middle aged artists in Taiwan and the world art market is watching this artist with expectation. In the 1980s international art forums were replete with the artist’s work, and innovative pieces have continued to come forth, making this artist among the most important Chinese Abstract Expressionists after Zao Wou-Ki and Chu Teh-Chun. Chihung Yang’s works not only express a visually captivating imagery, but also portray deeply evocative emotional landscapes, with an attitude toward experiencing life and exploring the world from the outwardly toward the inward, and as the artist has matured, reaching the sixties, the artistic mastery has become much freer in exploration of virtual, imaginary space, recalling the emotive landscape of youthful innocence, through purely unfettered painting accompanied by the artist’s personal style. So, this exhibition has been themed “Mindscape” to evoke the artist’s emotional spirit in complete and discrete imagery.


Chihung Yang has remarked: “all that my works express are my sense towards time and life during their varying periods and under the pressure of immediacy, as intimately personal works, but which express a sense and experience of the entirety of life.” “As one matures, the accelerated pace of time becomes greater, and the sense that time is fleeing, so this is an experience of life’s spiritual bounds and emotional boundaries, in the uncertain quest of the as yet unattainable sense of perfection.” These recent works reflect a spirit of transformative innovation, which while remaining focused on their invariant core, yet manage to evoke the brush through layer upon layered textures, of an essential maturity, revealing the visual potential for depth as a tool for broadening one’s vision, so that the visual depth, is also the expression of the power of space, and of spirit in action, as the interaction with the piece from all sides brings an accelerated sense of challenge, but after the intersecting path is chosen, there is an eternal unlimited restoration which floats mystically about the work, revealing the essential living bounds in visual expression, to challenge the viewer with a new spiritual perspective, while also informing an opportunity for a new interpretation of life.


Asia Art Center  Taipei II

Mystical Opportunity

Poem Within Painting





Rhyme of Growth

Elegant Arrogance


Like a Song


Vast Space



Sky Flying

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