Wang Jieyin

Wang Jieyin, an artist born in Shanghai in 1941, also is regarded as a member of China Artists Association and China Print Artists Association, vice chairman of Shanghai Artists Association. In 1966, Wang Jieyin graduated from Shanghai Fine Arts Training Class. In 1986, Wang Jieyin went abroad for studying prints study in Vienna National University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria. Wang currently works as a professor of Shanghai University’s College of Fine Arts since 1996.

Selected Solo Exhibitions: “Boundless Sky – New Ink Paintings of Wang Jieyin”(Asia Art Center, Beijing, 2020), “Grand Landscapes Solo Exhibition” (Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, 2019), “Coalescence of Clouds and Mist Solo” (3812 Gallery, Hong Kong, 2017), “Beyond Clouds Solo Exhibition” (Long Museum, Shanghai, 2016), “Rising Clouds” (Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2014), “Su Zao – Ink Paintings of Wang Jieyin” (Visual Horizon Gallery, Shanghai, 2013), “Something from Nothing” (Huafu Art Space, Shanghai, 2012), “A Place Named Nowhere” (M Art House, Shanghai, 2009), “Scenery of the Spirit” (Zhangjiang Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, 2007), “Wang Jieyin Solo Exhibition” (55 Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, 2004), “Wang Jieyin Solo Exhibition” (Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute, Shanghai, 1998), “Wang Jieyin Solo Exhibition” (French Language Institute, Singapore, 1997), “Wang Jieyin Solo Exhibition” (Yunnan Art Museum, Kunming, 1990), “Wang Jieyin Solo Exhibition” (AAI Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 1986)

Public Collections: The Gravelines Museum (France); National Library of France (France); Portland Art Museum (U.S.A); Pacific Asia Museum (U.S.A); Shanghai Art Museum (Shanghai); Jiangsu Art Museum (Nanjing); Liu Haisu Art Museum (Shanghai); Macau Government House (Macau)


Boundless Land

Light of the Polar

The Mountain Scenery

Cloud-wrapped Green Mountain


Landscape No.1

Landscape No.2

Landscape No.3

Gem Mountain

Flat Forest Map

Tree Stone Figure

Stream Brushed the Stone

Dance in the Music

Dotted Image No.1

Dotted Image No.2

Dotted Image No.4

Dotted Image No.5

Flashcards No.1

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Flashcards No.9

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