Exhibition “Passage of Existence” – Chihung Yang Exhibition
Curator Fang Zhiling
Artist Chihung Yang
Duration Sep. 24 – Oct. 23, 2011
Opening Sep. 24 (Sat.) 3pm
Asia Art Center Beijing

“Passage of Existence” – Chihung Yang Exhibition

Chihung Yang, as a contemporary Chinese artist who lives in New York at present, was born in 1947, and graduated from Western Painting in National Taiwan College of Arts (renamed as National Taiwan University of Arts). He has resided in New York since 1970s. He was awarded the outstanding Asian Artist by the governor of New York City in 1989; and is the first Chinese artist awarded the fellowship program of “National Studio” in USA. He has concentrated on the field of abstract painting for decades, and always been energetic in those famous galleries and institutes of art all around the world. Yang can be regarded as one of the representatives of Chinese abstract painting.

During the time Yang moved to the USA, the Postmodernism movement was experiencing a full-scale development, Yang has frequently visited major galleries and art museums in an effort to expand the horizon. As a lover of literature and music, he created his works with strong cultural and poetic atmosphere, mysterious oriental charm, melodious and philosophical beauty. The pictures are full of Chinese calligraphy and ink painting techniques, as well as enthusiastic Western thinking, which are gradually developed into freehand brushwork.

During four decades of Yang’s career, he has held numerous one-man-shows and group exhibitions in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as oversea countries, such as Europe, America and Canada. Many pieces of his works of art have been collected in a wide range of museums and galleries of art. In addition to his identification of an artist, Yang published an article on mainland China and Taiwan influential art magazine Lion Art, explaining the current development of Western art, which has a considerable impact on the thought of Chinese art. Chihung Yang can be regarded as one of the leading and influential Chinese abstract painters, after French-Chinese abstract masters ZaoWou-Ki and Chu Teh-Chun, who bring Eastern lyrical abstract painting to the rest of the world.

Public & Private Collections The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, USA / Archer M Huntington Art Gallery, USA / The Arkansas Arts Center, USA / City University of New York, USA / The Maslow Collection, USA The National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore / The Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan / National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan / Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan / Mountain Art Museum, Taiwan



Fading Glory


Passage of Existence


Vertical Smoke in The Gobi

Time Flys Like An Arrow

Moving Cloud

Good Connection

Mountain and Cliff

Vase and Mask

Pressed Flowers

Big Seed Pod

The Mask

Behind the mask

Out of Blue

Blowing in the Wind

The Wall

On the Wall

Ode For Autumn


A Poet’s Walk


Things of past


Flower of Mind

Mystical Darkness


Before Night Falls

Leaves Quartet


Eternal Vestige

Fall Into Winter

Organic Structure



Purple Air

Memoir of Nature

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