Exhibition “Raining Heavily Inside” – 2010 ShiaoChufang Solo Exhibition
Artist Shiao Chufang
Duration Mar. 13 – Apr. 11, 2010
Opening Mar. 13 (Sat.) 3pm
Asia Art Center Taipei I

“Raining Heavily Inside” – 2010 ShiaoChufang Solo Exhibition

Raining Heavily Inside is the title of a short story written by Franz Kafka (1883-1924). In the story, the main character is situated in a room where rain falls heavily and chair and table float on the risen flood. Even though he carries an umbrella, he is still drenched by the incessant downpour. Kafka reveals a sense of anxiety and helplessness with his surrealistic depiction. Young and talented artist ShiaoChufang is presenting her solo exhibition at Asia Art Center with a body of work that also illustrates the restless state of mind with a fantastic interpretation.

Shiao, born in 1980, received Honorable Mention at the Taipei Art Award in 2007. Her paintings have gone beyond the cultural boundaries and have been well received by collectors with different background. The subject matter of Shiao’s works is mainly people; she creates vivid characters and places them in imaginative stories. The artist strives to shorten the distance between the general public and fine arts by making art easy going and close to our everyday life.

In her new series of works, ShiaoChufang has again painted with her unique sense of humor. She transfers her free handed drawings onto the canvas and fills in with flatly painted colors to create a special mood for each piece. What is different this time around, Shiao has developed a new technique where she layers the outlines so that the characters appear to be in movement or doubts. For instance, the character in “Scarface” seems to be innocent and vulnerable with his eyes widely opened. The shadowed outline reaffirms the character’s nervousness forming a contradiction with the comfortable atmosphere set up by the soft lavender and mustard yellow. The piece materializes the slight sense of insecurity which we experience in life. Shiao’s creative style is refreshingly bold and simple. With the opening of such inspirational exhibition, we hope to start your Year of Tiger with endless imagination and humor.






Pierce Through

Nervous Shivers


Ding Dong





Meat Sauce




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