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CHEN Qi was born in 1963 in Nanjing. Graduated from BA in Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts in 1987 and from Ph. D in Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts in 2006, CHEN Qi currently serves as a professor of  China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He currently lives and works in Beijing. His selected solo exhibitions include: @Wuhan 2022 · A Place without Whence or Whither: Chen Qi (Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, 2022), The Physics of “Chen Qi”- Experimenting With Curation and Comprehension (Deji Art Museum, Nanjing, 2018), Imprint · Plurality – Solo Exhibition of Chen Qi (Asia Art Center, Beijing, 2018), The Time of CHEN Qi – 1983-2016 (Shanghai Peninsula Art Museum, Shanghai, 2016), The Notation of Time – Exhibition of CHEN Qi’s Art (National Museum of China, Beijing, 2013), CHEN Qi Woodcuts (Oriental Museum, Durham University, Durham, UK, 2008), Woodblock Prints by CHEN Qi (National Art Museum of China, Beijing, 1993). His selected group exhibitions include: Still Waters Run Deep: Asia Art Center 40th Anniversary Special Exhibition (Asia Art Center, Beijing, 2022), Mountain House of Sliced Stones: Artworks of Shen Qin & Chen Qi (Asia Art Center, Beijing, 2021), Pavilion of the P.R of China at the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia (Venice, Italy, 2019), SHEN Qin & CHEN Qi: Zero Degree (Asia Art Center, Taipei, 2016), Artworks by SHEN Qin & CHEN Qi (Asia Art Center, Beijing, 2015), Water·Print·Impression – International Woodblock Print Invitation Exhibition (Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou, 2012), View of the City – International Print Invitation Exhibition (Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, 2011), Revival of Tradition – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition (Museum of Contemporary Art in Frankfurt, Frankfurt, 2009), Kanagawa International Print Festival – The Contemporary Prints of Japan and the World-Steps in Post War-50 years (Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama, 1995). His artworks were collected in British Museum (UK), Victoria and Albert Museum (UK), Ashmolean Museum (UK), Sotheby’s Institute of Art (UK), The Muban Foundation (UK), The Cleveland Museum of Art (USA), New York Public Library (USA), Fukuoka Art Museum (Japan), Museum  of Young Art (Austria), National Art Museum of China (Beijing), Shanghai Art Museum(Shanghai), Guangdong Museum of Art (Guangdong), Hubei Museum of Art (Wuhan), Jiangsu Art Museum (Jiangsu), Zhejiang Art Museum (Hangzhou), Guan Shanyue Art Museum (Shenzhen), Shenzhen Art Museum (Shenzhen), Qingdao Art Museum (Qingdao), Suzhou Art Museum (Suzhou).




Chen Qi Mountain House of Sliced Stones

Chen Qi He Garden

Chen Qi Liang Garden

Chen Qi Splendid View

Chen Qi Moon Mirror

Chen Qi A Dreamy Chant

Chen Qi Valley of Clouds

Chen Qi Creatures-No.1

Chen Qi Root Organ No.1

Chen Qi Infinity

Chen Qi Source

Chen Qi Exquisite Pagoda


Uncertain Truth No.2


Uncertain Truth No.3

Awakening No.1

Untitled No.8

Untitled No.32

The Sea of Desire


Mental Imagery No.2


Pipa (A Chinese Lute Instrument)

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