CHEN Tingshih

1913-2002 Artist CV

CHEN Tingshih was born in 1913 in Fujian, China. He lost hearing as a child, thus lost the ability to speak. He grew up in a scholarly family, learned the basics of traditional Chinese literati painting. He was influenced by Xu Beihong to start the Western painting style. It laid the groundwork for his art in the period. After he moved to Taiwan, artists Lee Shichi and Chiang Hantung found “Modern Print Association” in 1958. He actively participated in “Fifth Moon Group” and other arts groups for the development of abstract and contemporary ink painting. He established “Modern Eyes” in 1982. Losing the ability to hear brought him even more inspirations. In his painting, the geometrical patterns present the vastness of the universe, and the exuberant vitality. Scrap as mediums to construct a sense of passage of time. He combines “concrete” and “abstract” as a whole. CHEN Tingshih passed away at the age of 89 in 2002. His works have been collected by many public institutions, including the Rockefeller Foundation, Cincinnati Art Museum, Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. The artist’s important exhibitions include multi-session “Sao Paulo Art Biennial “, as well as multi-session “Modern Graphic Art Exhibition” in National Center of Arts, the 14th Fifth Moon Group Exhibition at the National Museum of History in 1970, CHEN Ting-Shih Retrospective at the Kaohsiung Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center in 1987, CHEN Ting-Shih 1994 Solo Exhibition at the Capital Art Center in 1994, Sound of Rarity: CHEN Ting-Shih at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2002. His recent exhibition is Transgression throughout the Volatile World Inaugural Exhibition of Asia Art Center Taipei New Flagship Space in 2021 and 1960 – The Origin of Taiwan’s Modern Art organized by Asia Art Center in 2016.



Vacation of the Stars #4

Sign from Outer Space #1

Will #1

Will #2

Will #3

Work No.050

Work No.295

Work No.478

Day and Night #49

Day and Night #50

Day and Night #51

Day and Night #52

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