CHU Weibor

1929-2018  Artist CV

Chu Weibor (1929-2018)

Chu Weibor, born in 1929 in Nanjing, was given the name Wushuen. In 1949, as a soldier, he moved to Taiwan with the troops. Art was his passion in his free time. In 1953, he studied painting in Liao Chichun’s “Yunho Studio” and began his art career. In 1958, he joined the “Painting Association of the East”. In 1960, inspired by Lucio Fontana (1899-1968), the founder of Spatialism, he started to devote himself to a long-term exploration of Spatialism. He began slashing his canvas to create spaces of hollowness and bulges, such creative method that shows Chu’s spirituality as he pursued a philosophical artistic narrative. The artist’s important solo exhibitions include solo exhibition at the Bechtel International Center of Stanford University in 1971, Retrospective Exhibition: Chu Wei-Bor at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2005, and Sunyata: Chu Wei-bor Solo Exhibition at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in 2012; his important group exhibitions include the 11th and 12th Exhibition of Modern Prints in Taipei in 1969-70, 4th and 6th Biennial of British Prints in England in 1974 and 1979, A Group Exhibition of the 25th Anniversary of Ton Fon Art Group and The Fifth Month Art Group at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in 1981, Taipei Modern Painting 1986 H.K. Exhibition in Hong Kong in 1986, Retrospective Exhibition of Modern Chinese Painting at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 1986, New Modern Chinese Painting at the National Museum of History in 1987, Modern Painting Exhibition at the Kaohsiung Cultural Center in 1988, Taipei Modern Art Exchange Exhibition at the Shanghai Art Museum in 1996, and From the Ground Up – Artist Association in 1950s Taiwan at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2003 and 2004, 1960 – The Origin of Taiwan’s Modern Art at Asia Art Center, Taipei in 2016, FROM CHINA TO TAÏWAN. Pioneers of abstraction (1955-1985) at The Museum of Ixelles in 2017 and Transgression throughout the Volatile World Inaugural Exhibition of Asia Art Center Taipei New Flagship Space in 2021. His recent solo exhibition is Chu Weibor Retrospective: Sunyata at Asia Art Center in 2018, a duo exhibition by Chu Weibor and Fong Chung Ray is concurrently held by Asia Art Center at Art Basel Hong Kong, and The Birth of Modernist Art Movement in Taiwan organized by National Museum of History in 2024.





The Origin of Life



Turn Over

Vital Spirit

Purification: White within White

Mountain Peaks

Mountain Peaks

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