Colors of China

2015 28.5×21.5cm 77 pages

Among the artists participating in this Exhibition, they all have their own unique contributions to the use of color and chromatics: Liang Shaoji weaves silk to create “Pure Zen Silk” with a touch of translucent jade. Cao Jigang’s works reflect the absorption of prints on silk and erosion of stone works in arust green patina color through time. Liu Guofu’s works reflect a layered transparent deep green jade color. Sang Huoyao’s works provide a fine and rich jade color. Jiang Ji’an’s paintings include a vibrant peppery red color and demure tea colors. Chen Guangwu’s yin and yang calligraphy allows white to take flight and deep black of ancient rubbings. Tian Wei’s works present a horizon where white light meets shimmering gold, hinting the notion of the coming salvation of the world. Ye Jianqing’s works create an ambiance of black ink smudges and light clouds swinging, with the paintings revealing Infra-White and Infra-Green senses.

These artists’ works express natural ambiance, integrating energy and light with glance of the afterimage, creating a new virtual lightness of color, a new vocabulary of shadow and color in painting, which is a truly new “Colors of China”.

By Xia Kejun

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