DONG Shawhwei

b.1962  Artist CV

Born in 1962 in Taipei, Dong Shawhwei received her B.A. and M.F.A. from the Department of Fine Arts at National Taiwan Normal University, and worked as an art teacher in Taipei Municipal Song-Shan Senior High School. Dong traveled to Europe several times for solo exhibitions and published several catalogs during 1994-2007. She had also worked as Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Taipei Department of Visual Arts. Early in her career, she studied the style of impressionism, and learned how to express the shadows and color from western paintings. She devoted herself to the analysis of Zhuangzi’s philosophical thoughts and aesthetics as a graduate student and published her thesis under the title of The Philosophy of Zhuangzi and Its Aesthetic Significance. Dong gradually started refining and adding depth to her painting style, and begun a process of self-realization through uniting her life and art. Since the late 1990s, she created her unique style with the “Still Life of Black Table Series”, as well as the “Courtyard in Black and White Series”. Dong restructured the common space in daily life on her paintings with various plants, wooden tables and chairs. Notable solo exhibitions include the invitation by Twin Oaks of National Register of Historic Places in Washington, D.C., and Unfettered Heart – 2013 Dong Shawhwei New Works Solo Exhibition at Asia Art Center Taipei in 2013. Her most recent exhibitions being Transgression throughout the Volatile World Inaugural Exhibition of Asia Art Center Taipei New Flagship Space in 2021, and In Courtyard, Recollecting Precious Moments of Life: Dong Shaw-hwei 2017 Solo Exhibition at National Museum of History, Taiwan in 2017.


Sunny Window-Red Camellia

Reflection of Time-Red Camellias

Tranquility-Balloon Flowers



Leisure Time-White Camellia

Twin White Camellia

Quiet Day-Dahlia

Leisure-Pleione Orchid

All Seasons Red-Begonia

Early Summer-Yellow Apricots

Ten-Year Flower

Early Spring-Camellia

Gentle Chrysanthemum

Purple Iris

Morning Light

Courtyard-Dancing I

Courtyard-Dancing II

Courtyard-Pink and White Camellia

Courtyard-Orange Jasmine


Summer Iris

Spring in Courtyard-Dahlia

Courtyard-Idyllic Charm in Summer Shade I&II


Red geranium

African Pansy in a Sunny Day

Begonia in a Sunny Day

The Purple Fascinating-Dahlia

The Golden Dendrobium

The Golden Days in Courtyard (diptych)

Blessing in 2022 – Wishing Purple Vine

Wang Wei’s Poetry – The Pink Camellia

Tao Yuanming’s Poetry – Chrysanthemum

Grace – the Camellia

Two Sisters – Pink Camellia

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