Exhibition “Everytime When I Look Around” – 2010 Taipei Group Exhibition
Artist Hiroshi Kobayashi, Yoon Jong Seok, Kim Dong Yoo, Kim Joon, BahkSeonGhi, and Choi Tae Hoon
Duration Jun. 26-Jul. 17, 2010
Opening Jun. 26 (Sat.) 3pm
Asia Art Center Taipei

“Everytime When I Look Around” – 2010 Taipei Group Exhibition

Talented and well-known Japanese and Korean artists including Hiroshi Kobayashi, Yoon Jong Seok, Kim Dong Yoo, Kim Joon, BahkSeonGhi, and Choi Tae Hoon find inspirations from the commonly found images, symbols, furniture, and toys. Through these sources, they observe and re-contemplate the world around us. A vibrant exhibition that gathers the works by the artists listed above will take place in Asia Art Center (Taipei) starting the last Saturday of June, 2010. This collection of our everyday splendor will include works in various media: paintings, sculptures, and digital photographs.

Hiroshi Kobayashi’s paintings combine the style of traditional Japanese wood print and elements from photography and comics. The floating stuffed animals, painted in pale blue similar to the color of our old photographs, bring out the memory of our childhood and take us back to the time when life is still carefree and warm. Yoon Jong Seok’s paintings create optical illusions. In his works, dots in colors compose the forms of pieces of apparel that are folded into the shape of a gun, a dog, or other objects. The layers of symbols broaden the meaning behind the pieces. In the portraits by Kim Dong Yoo, every iconic celebrity is composed by the smaller portraits of another famous icon. These works not only play with the viewers’ optical reaction, but also investigate people’s perception on famous people whose images we see daily. Kim Joon paints digitally, his colorful photos transform commercial symbols into human figures. With the logos of luxury goods “tattooed” onto the cropped human bodies, wild and colorful images are formed. BahkSeonGhi’s sculptures are the reinterpretations of our everyday objects such as chairs, cups, and books. These white sculptures stand just as quietly as everyday objects do in our lives. They may not have a strong presence, but they certainly take a significant place in our lives. Choi Tae Hoon’s stainless steel sculptures also give everyday objects a different light. This time, Choi places light inside the sculptures. And, as the light shines through the sculptures, the presence of the object expands and softly drifts in the air.

In this exhibition, new meanings will be found. We, by looking at this group of artist’s reinterpretations of our everyday images and objects, will be encouraged to take another look around us. Unexpressed emotions, undiscovered insight, and disregarded memories may come to life and turn our life attitude a whole new way around.


Choi Tae Hoon-Dual Skin Project-Bag

Choi Tae Hoon-Dual Skin Project-Phone

Kim Dong Yoo-Diana (Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ)

Kim Dong Yoo-Marylin Monroe (Mao Zedong)

Kim Joon-Bird Land-Brietling

Kim Joon-Bird Land-Chanel

Kim Joon-Cradle Song-Ferragamo

Kim Joon-Cradle Song-Vivienne Westwood

Bahk Seon Ghi-Point of View 09-04

Bahk Seon Ghi-Point of View 09-10-3

Bahk Seon Ghi-Point of View 09-10-4

Bahk Seon Ghi-Point of View 0808

Hiroshi Kobayashi-Emergency Exit

Hiroshi Kobayashi-Dark Matter

Yoon Jong Seok-Old Habbits

Yoon Jong Seok-Another Me

Yoon Jong Seok-Ways to Live

Yoon Jong Seok-Carrying the Luck

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