Exhibition Harmony in Diversity – Compatibility of 19 Cross-Strait Art Spirits
Curator(s) Wu Yinghui
Artist Cao Jingping, Chen Gang,Chen Liu, Fang Yixiu, Guan Yong, Guo Wen, Li Tao, Liu Bin, Yang Bo, Zhao Yiqian, Chen Yi-Chieh, Chiu Chien-Jen, Chiu Chao-Tsai, Cheng Shih-Chun, Howard Chen, Liao Yu-An, Tseng Wei-Hao, Tzeng Yi-Hsin, Wu Tung-Lung
Duration Jul. 19 – Aug. 10, 2008
Opening Jul. 19 (Sat.) 3pm
Asia Art Center Taipei

Harmony in Diversity – Compatibility of 19 Cross-Strait Art Spirits

Confucius said, “a person of noble character and integrity will make harmony with others but be different, and a person of ignoble character will act the same as others but make no harmony” In simple words it means that each person must have the ability to think independently without following the trend blindly, and at the same time each person must permit the self-governing rights of others and do not force others follow the self. Even though each person is different from others, but everyone can get along in harmony like people of noble character and integrity. As a matter of fact, each thing and each event has its own uniqueness and everyone’s consciousness is different from that of another. Those are what make the world lively and exciting. Thus the world can exist, develop and take big strides forward progressively. This is the greatest example of “Harmony in Diversity”.
“Harmony in Diversity-Compatibility of 19 Cross-Strait Art Spirits” is another well-planned cooperative exhibition by Asian Art Center. We invite 19 of the most important new generation artists from both sides of the strait to participate this exhibition which provides us an opportunity to observe how the new generation artists create. Their creative styles include “New Interactive Behavior”, “Non-compromising Art”, “Composite Spiritual Performance” and other representative styles of contemporary arts. This exhibition is a cooperative exhibition that combines the arts from both coasts and it also actually presents the many directions for the new generation artists and the similarities and difference among their creations.

The world isn’t one-dimensional and art should be multidimensional. These artists have different creative views but they can recognize, tolerate the differences, stride forward according to the direction each recognized, and co-exist in harmony at the same time. It is just like the saying: “A person of noble character and integrity will make harmony with others but be different.” This exhibition is the best way to define the face of contemporary multi-faceted art world.


Cao Jingping-Yellow Dragonfly No.2

Cao Jingping-Stop

Tseng Weihao-Wave Touch

Tzeng Yihsin-Flow Series No.4Pink(Diptych)

Tzeng Yihsin-Flow Series No.5_Fat Teacher

Howard Chen-Dog in Tacks No.1

Howard Chen-Imagine Beast No.1

Howard Chen-Artless No.11

Howard Chen-Circles No.2(L),Red Appeal(R)

Chen Liu-Destroyer

Chen Liu-Celestial Series-Sit at Ease

Chen Yichieh-Phototaxis KTV (Topview)

Chen Yichieh-Phototaxis KTV (Frontview)

Fang Yixiu-Beginning of Chaos No.1

Fang Yixiu-Unpeaceful Spirit

Fang Yixiu-The Blues

Guan Yong-Unreliable Explanation

Guan Yong-Stand 35

Guo Wen-Mountain on Fire No.14

Guo Wen-Mountain on Fire No.21

Guo Wen-Boating on the Misty River

Li Tao-Help

Li Tao-Highway

Liao Yuan-Urban Lazybones-Tumbler Mimicking Practice No.2

Liao Yuan-Urban Lazybones-Struggle Out of Bed Practice No.2

Liao Yuan-Urban Lazybones-Eel Mimicking Practice No.1

Liao Yuan-Urban Lazybones-Eel Mimicking Practice No.2

Liu Bin-Smog Dispersed

Liu Bin-Blazing Sun(Diptych)

Chiu Chaotsai-Turn Over and Tremble

Chiu Chaotsai-The World of Fatigue-The Endless Column

Chiu Chaotsai-Betwixt

Wu Tunglung-Clarity

Wu Tunglung-Symbol-41

Yang Bo-Square

Yang Bo-Marvellous Spectacle

Zhao Yiqian-Big Wooden

Zhao Yiqian-Car Crash Happened in the Box

Zhao Yiqian-She is soft 13

Cheng Shihchun-The Murmur of The Living Dead Doll

Cheng Shihchun-The Tail of My Youth

Li Tao-Green Table

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