b.1955   Artist CV

HONG Zhu An was born in 1955 in Shanghai, China. He studied under the famous art scholar Wang Zidou and Prof. Huang Wei Yi at the Shanghai Art & Culture Institute and the Sichuan Art Academy respectively. He received his MA from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, and LaSalle-SIA College of Arts, Singapore, in 1997; Ph.D. from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2001; he currently lives and works in Singapore. Proficient in both Chinese and Western art, Hong’s compositions combine the energy from spontaneous calligraphic brushwork with a rich earth-tone palette. Though the layering of color planes, his works emanate a sense of simplistic serenity that offers insightful abstract interpretations upon the enchanting visuals.

Hong was awarded the UOB Painting of the Year Grand Award, Singapore, in 1994. His important exhibitions include: Pure Heart – A Bali Purnati Foundation Artist Residency, The Private Museum, Singapore, in 2015; The Limitless Void, Private Museum Singapore, in 2013; Ascetic Serenity, STPI, Singapore, in 2012; Reflections on a Long Journey, Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong, 2008; Going Forward, Plum Blossoms Gallery, New York, 2004. His works are collected by public institutions, such as the Singapore Art Museum, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Newark Museum, Spencer Museum of Art, Princeton University Art Museum, Sullivan Collection at the Ashmolean, National Museum of Philippines, and Wuxi Museum.



Warm Breeze

Gentle Breeze


Sea Breeze




Mountain Spring

Spring Rain


Distant Hometown

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