Howard FONDA

b.1974   Artist CV

Howard Fonda (1974-)

Howard Fonda was born in 1974 in Syracuse, NY. He received his BS in History and Fine Art from Nazareth College of Rochester and MFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has studied French and history at Sorbonne University, Paris and studied graphic and design at School of Visual Art, New York. After graduation, he has lectured at School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 2001 to 2008.

Howard is known for his vibrantly colored canvases that blur the boundaries between representation and abstraction: his lurid compositions of squiggles, swirls, and marks seem to dance kinetically across his canvases. As Fonda points out on his website, “The difference between representation and abstraction is like the difference between clouds and sky. The origin of the debate is more useful than the debate itself…Painting is a vehicle of contradiction adept at conveying the hubris of, and understanding of, existence.” Fonda proudly upholds the tradition of twentieth century painting. An old school Modernist, he views painting as a “philosophical sanctuary and spiritual outpost,” finding “comfort in its traditions and limitations.”

Howard Fonda has been exhibited throughout the United States and abroad, including New York, Munich, Brussels, San Francisco, Los Angeles. His artwork has been garnered by galleries, museums and private collection such as Museum of Modern Art, New York, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.


Untitled (white-eared sibia, collared bush-robin, silver bird, formosan clouded leopard)

Untitled (leopard cat, silver bird, asian brown flycatcher)

Untitled (blue magpies)

Untitled (collared dove, horse, and willow)

Untitled (collared bush robin, light-vented bulbul, silver bird, barbet)

Untitled (blue magpie, collared bush robin, white eared sibia, light vented bulbul)

Untitled (cranes, peach tree, yuéjí)

Untitled (lemon pansy, red ring skirt, great purple emperor, common jay, dark blue tiger, plum blossom)

Untitled Drawing

Untitled Drawing

Untitled Drawing

Untitled Drawing

Untitled Drawing

Untitled (appaloosa)

Untitled (butterfly)

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