Title Hu Weiyi
Artist Hu Weiyi
Duration Sep. 19-Oct. 24, 2015
Reception Sep. 19 (Sat.) 3pm
Asia Art Center Taipei II
Organizer A+ Contemporary
Co- organizers Optoma

Hu Weiyi

   Hu Weiyi

Hu Weiyi Taiwan Premiere Exhibition to Redefine the Way of Seeing

A+ Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of HU WEIYI Solo Exhibition at 3pm, 19th September at Asia Art Center Taipei II.

Hu Weiyi was born in Shanghai in 1990, he is currently a graduate student at China Academy of Art and recipient of “Huayu Youth Award” in Sanya in 2015 – a recognition that shows the immense potential of this emerging artist. Hu is a multimedia artist, whose work combines video, installation, sculpture, and sound. Followed by his solo exhibition “No Express” at UCCA, Beijing in July, 2015, “HU WEIYI” in Taipei aims to bring forth his path of creative thought through his various artistic expressions.

In his work “Flirt” luminous line arbitrarily pierced through the body, stitching the painful sharpness with glowing warmth. The cold light is in contrast with temperature of the flesh, creating an unprecedented sensory through visual stimulation. As the audience is awakened by feelings, then the work “Mass” may challenge our ability to make sense of broken logic through randomly arranged vocabularies: one can discern the presence of characters under colored lighting through cracks of dozens of old luggage that are casually placed on the ground. These characters are continuously being filmed by the pinhole camera inside each bag, while combinations of different words are projected on the screen to form irrational short sentences. On the other hand, the daily objects seem misplaced in “Pulp Landscape 5”: the doll is not on the bed, tap not connected to the pipe, badge not worn on the jacket, and coins not for trading goods. These objects are meticulously installed on the rotating stage made of tires for a “live performance”, and then being recorded. In this theatre directed by Hu, ordinary objects are stripped of their existing state, and purpose.

Perhaps through the weavings of a certain clue, Hu Weiyi is able to piece together vulgar and common objects to formulate a distinct expression. He refuses to follow the beaten path and aims to challenge and loosen up our rooted perceptions. While artists born in the 70’s have established their role in contemporary art, artists born in the 80’s are beginning to attain reputation, as for young artists, art critic Bao Dong has once said, “their ‘fluidity’ can be viewed as an open and accepting approach to the unknown.” Hu Weiyi attempts to reassemble the fragments of everyday life, transfers memories into markings on the flesh, and becomes doubtful about the legitimacy of linear narratives- these works of incessant observations may seem trivial but are in fact nothing short of dynamic and vivacious, and that is precisely where Hu Weiyi’s perplexity lies.

The exhibition will continue until October 24th, 2015.

Artist: Hu Weiyi

Born in 1990 in Shanghai, Hu Weiyi graduated from China Academy of Art in 2013, and is currently a graduate student at the School of Inter-Media Art of China Academy of Art with Zhang Peili, the father of Chinese video art, as his adviser. His solo exhibitions include: No Express (The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2015), Flirt (M50 Art Space, Shanghai, 2014). Hu’s recent group exhibitions include: Base (UCCASTORE, Beijing, 2015), Who Cares- Hu Weiyi and Wang Man Dual Solo Show (Don Gallery, Shanghai, 2015), The 2nd CAFAM.Future Exhibition (CAFA Art Museum/ Hong Kong K11, Beijing/ Hong Kong, 2015), Cosmos- 21st Century MinSheng Museum Opening Exhibition (MingSheng Museum, Shanghai, 2014), Summer Session (V2, Rotterdam, 2013). His work “Flirt” won the Huayu Youth Award at the 2nd Art Sanya Season in 2015. He currently works and lives in Shanghai.

About A+ Contemporary

In August, 2015, A+ Contemporary was founded in Shanghai. The space is located in the thriving “M50” art community, featuring artists from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and will feature artists from Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia in the near future. The curatorial programme of A+ Contemporary consists of exhibitions, forums and publication of scholarly catalogs; its selected presentations center around the different facets of artistic innovation and concepts, and its research scope extends to cross-disciplinary analysis.


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