Hua Qing : The Upanishad of Human Beings

2008    31×30.7cm    178 pages    USD 100

The Upanishad of Human Beings: Paintings by Hua Qing was published to accompany Hua Qing’s solo exhibition “The Upanishad of Human Beings” at the Asia Art Center, Beijing, in 2008. Known as the “ape painter”, he frequently uses the primate as a symbol to convey the relationship of human beings to the animal world, nature, and their own self-consciousness. His work also draws from philosophy, science, mathematics and literature to probe the essence of humanity and human civilization. This catalogue gathers works from the three series Lord, The Thinker, and The Upanishad of Human Beings, produced between 2006 and 2008. Artist biography included.

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