Exhibition Huang Gang’s 2008 Solo Exhibition : Beijing Memory
Artist Huang Gan
Duration Jun. 14 – Jul. 6, 2008
Opening Jun. 14 (Sat.) 3pm
Asia Art Center Taipei

Huang Gang’s 2008 Solo Exhibition : Beijing Memory

Huang Gang, the well-known Chinese Contemporary artists, was born in Beijing in 1961. He graduated from China Central Academy of Art and Design in 1984 and attained a Master degree in 1991. Huang Gang creates art in a new approach with his unique style, which sets him apart from other artists. He has achieved world-wide recognition and been praised in the highest terms by audiences from a variety of nations and cultural backgrounds.

Instead of plane visual hierarchy, Huang Gang’s paintings contain intrinsic logicality through massive stacking techniques. His creative process consists of deconstructing and then re-constructing the original elements, such as traditional Tibetan woodblocks, Sutra manuscripts, Tibetan trunks made of yak fur, and traditional Chinese lacquer, which conveys a rich cultural quality and emits great spiritual power.

Huang Gang’s 2008 latest exhibition “Beijing Memory” which is his first solo exhibition in Taiwan exhibits representative artworks of Huang Gang in early years, along with his recent masterpieces. Through this exhibition, Huang Gang creates a dialogue between traditional civilization and modern culture by his own distinctive techniques. These fascinating works show profound quality of Oriental aesthetics in Huang’s unique painting way.



Triple World

The Peak

Fading Sun

Beijing Memory No.2

Juvenile Age

My Box

My Box(2)

Twins Mao

Two Different Ways

Golden Iced Lake (Diptych)

Gold Mandola

Star Treasury

Red Star (Triptych)

Red Mandola

Buddhist Scripture on the Snow Terrain-Treasure of Heritage


Crossing (Triptych)

Silk Road


Gold Signet


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