Exhibition Human•Objects–2012 Hua Qing Solo Exhibition
Curator(s) Peng Feng
Artist Hua Qing
duration Jun. 9-Aug. 12,2012
Opening Jun. 9 (Sat.) 3pm
Asia Art Center (Beijing)

Human•Objects–2012 Hua Qing Solo Exhibition

From 2008 when the first solo exhibition of Hua Qing was held in Asia Art Center up to now, Hua Qing has successively brought us new series of works with new breakthrough in creation of 2012, such as “Upanishad of Human Beings”, “The Magic of Thinking”, and “Destiny”, etc. On the basis of the original discussion on “the ultimate subject of human beings”, not only has the conversation of thinking been discussed, but also the conversation of human beings will be presented. It may be a kind of communication between human beings and animals, or between human beings, nature and the whole world at large. Therefore, Asia Art Center (Beijing) will hold “Human•Objects” – 2012 Hua Qing solo exhibition for the artist.

After his college graduation in 1986, he went to Eastern Europe in the following year. In 1999, he left Slovenia and lived in Taipei for a period of time, and then he returned to Beijing in 2006. His life in Eurasian countries or regions and rich experience in artistic creation brought him profound and in-depth experience of Eastern and Western culture, so we cannot see anything of local shadow or deliberate pursuit for exotics in his paintings. We can see that cultural diversities endow Hua Qing’s works with strong capacity and adaptability. In Hua Qing’s creation of almost two years, it is easy for the considerate people to find the works transformation with the context transformation behind life and creation. The images in his new works tend to pay more attention to immediate environment and thinking transformation compared with the past “wisdom” and “philosophy”, that is to say, Hua Qing is interpreting the intellectual analysis of material and awareness with painting. For example, animals stand on the mixed water pipes, chameleons stretch out its tongue, and owls look at us in the eye with thrilling expression. Without habitats and home, all of the animals seem to question: How do human beings treat nature and the world? Will the modern society without natural environment be our survival “route”? All the problems get back to the more generalized ultimate subject of freedom, equality, existence and care. Given further thinking, we see the world from the view of animals, which is also the reflection of human beings’self development. In another work full of humor and interest, Game, the classic images in this works, a gorilla and a robot terminator were playing the figure-guessing game. The gorilla grasped its fist with assured eyes, but the robot made the scissor gesture of “victory” like provocation, and imagined himself the terminator of human intelligence. However, the rule of the game is that scissors can never beat stones. Even if a game has a rule, the operation of worldly things also has their own disciplines. They are continually working in mutual struggle and together get on with each other. The question Hua Qing asked about the continuous reformation of “advanced society” and “civilized world” was his attitude towards the natural law in truth of destiny. In 2011, the “twelve Chinese zodiac signs” series by Hua Qing re-interpreted the Chinese zodiac subject in a wild form, returning to the original presentation but not losing tension. This year, the large-scale oil painting works of Chinese zodiac series are invited to participate in the “Time Difference-Chinese and Germany Culture Exhibition 2012” held in Hannover of Germany. This time, partial works of Hua Qing’s solo exhibition will be exhibited. Transmigration and destiny that new twelve Chinese zodiac signs predict are not only restricted to human beings’ scope, but also extending to larger ecosystem. The figure formulas seemingly randomly doodled in the background or the philosophical thinking also revealed a thought “maybe animals are also rational, and human world is also brutal”.

Asia Art Center (Beijing) will hold “Human•Objects”- Hua Qing’s new works exhibition 2012 on June 9, 2012 (Saturday)-. More than 20 new works by Hua Qing will be on show, in which we can find ourselves in both ancient times and modern times, and also seek those lives that will disappear or have disappeared. Artist tells us the stories of human beings and things with great enthusiasm: what about the origin, and the future…….



Dialogue No.5







Path No.1

Path No.2


Beautiful Creatures-No.1

Beautiful Creatures-No.2

What shall I do

Believe it or not

Language of Birds-No.1

Language of Birds-No.2

Language of Birds-No.3


Perch No.1

Perch No.2


A Sad Horse




Perfect Shape No.1

No Answer

Line Sketching Practice-No.1

Line Sketching Practice-No.2

Get Along






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