Exhibition “In the Midst of Haze” – 2010 Pan Hsinhua Beijing Solo Exhibition
Artist Pan Hsinhua
Duration Jun. 19 – Jul. 18, 2010
Opening Jun. 19 (Sat.) 3pm
Asia Art Center Beijing

“In the Midst of Haze” – 2010 Pan Hsinhua Beijing Solo Exhibition

As Taiwan’s 21st century contemporary art progresses toward a diverse development, artist Pan Hsinhua, influenced by such movement, has led the conventional ink painting to a new phase. The first solo exhibition of this Taiwanese artist who is passionate about the Chinese culture carries a noteworthy significance as the exhibition takes place in Beijing, the ancient capital of China, in 2010. The featured exhibition theme is “In the Mist of Haze”, where the artist’s latest works in recent years is on exhibition. Pan Hsinhua known for his handcrafted paper, continues to persevere with his core philosophy by culminating each of his painting with a fleeting distance of time and space between vintage and modernity. This time Pan Hsinhua utilizes color layering and bold coloring techniques in his brushstrokes to transform his own imaginary realm into a whimsical dream-like setting.

Born in 1966 to his native land of Tai Ma Li Township, Taitung County, Taiwan, and after graduating from Taipei National University of the Arts in 1991, Pan Hsinhua has been in awe with the Ming painter Chen Hong Shou whose insurmountable, decided flair has been a deep influence in Pan Hsinhua’s take on painting; following his first solo exhibition, featuring the “Vanishing Landscape”, staged at Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 1999, which drew critical acclaims, Pan Hsinhua has inadvertently chosen a life of solitude in Hualien. With extended exposure to nature, his paintings maintain a high level of purity. In an era of chaos, the rare, refreshing, and honest touch of this artist seems to accentuate his very own personality.

Asia Art Center, staging Pan Hsinhua’s first solo exhibition in Beijing, holds the idealistic concept of wanting to share the artist’s intellectual creations with more viewers, so that his works may inspire the public’s imagination and opening up their minds and souls to the marvelous realm of art. The very essence of Pan Hsinhua’s works resonate with the ancient land of Beijing to constitute an unanimous yearning for traditional Chinese art.

(English translated by Chung Hua Translation Service)


Empowering Formasa

Heavenly Mountain On the Ocean

Strengthening VI

Boundless Power

Money Fairy II

Money Fairy I

Whisper I-World Above the Sky

Whisper II-Blooming Flowers and Plants

Whisper III



A Walk Along the Stream

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