Inclined Plane

2016 24×16 cm 38 pages

This is the exhibition catalogue of Inclined Plane in which the artworks plates and CVs of five exhibiting artists are included. The author of the preface is the curator Tang Yao.

Inclined Plane-Five Aesthetics Inspirations from Chinese Emerging Sculptors

Inclined Plane, is a landscape that shows the future of movement in space, energy, and direction. Looking over the scenery of Chinese youth sculptors, the inclination is quiet obvious, almost like the Winder Olympic ski field. The spectacle sets away from the hazy city, and the silhouette that jumps out from the platform into the Klein blue sky…there is a posture of Neo-futurism, or Post-Contemporary spiritual taste. This exhibition ”Inclined Plane” is composed of five planes with different slope variations.

I call them: Post-Craftsmanship Technique Aesthetics, Non-Physical Transitory Material Aesthetics, New Mechanic World of Chaos Aesthetics, Handmade Mastery Aesthetics, Unstoppable Digital Aesthetics.

By Tang Yao

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