Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson

1999-   Artist CV

Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson (1999-)
Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson was born in Los Angeles, he currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His works aim to excite the eye, and spur conversation over a multitude of subjects –– many of the drawings and paintings look as though they are detailing a fantasized armageddon, complete with chaotic battlefields and imagined machinery looming over a devastated world, and while others depict athletes, spirits, and animals in a ritualistic dance. Asia Art Center worked with Joseph since Narrative Minds in 2022, and present his solo exhibition A witness to the Rub in 2023. His recent exhibitions include: After me, the flood, Derek Eller Gallery, New York, USA (2022), Seven/Seven, Fergus McCaffrey, Tokyo, Japan (2022), Poetic Sustenance, Tiwani Contemporary, London, UK (2022).


Conflict with wild animal

The Fiddlin Fool

Great Band Super Sound

Across the Great Divide

Emer and Fairbanks

Hard Times

Fishermans song

Idol (Cave Bear with a certain strength)

Idol (echidna)

Idol (Horse with a certain strength)

Another Birdcatcher

The Chevalier

Prayer with an owl

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