Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson

1999-   Artist CV

Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson was born in LA, he currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His works aim to excite the eye, and spur conversation over a multitude of subjects –– many of the drawings and paintings look as though they are detailing a fantasized armageddon, complete with chaotic battlefields and imagined machinery looming over a devastated world, and while others depict athletes, spirits, and animals in a ritualistic dance. Narrative Minds is his first exhibition with Asia Art Center. Recent exhibitions include: Seven/Seven, Fergus McCaffrey, Tokyo, Japan (2022), Olisaemeka, Simchowitz Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2021), Poetic Sustenance, Tiwani Contemporary, London, UK (2021).


Conflict with wild animal

Idol (echidna)

Idol (Horse with a certain strength)

Idol (Cave Bear with a certain strength)

Another Birdcatcher

The Chevalier

Prayer with an owl

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