Luo Kai

b. 1994 Artist CV

Luo Kai was born in 1994 in Yunnan. He graduated from the School of Art and Design, Yunnan University in Second Studio of Painting with BA in 2017. He currently studies in Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University for Master degree. He currently lives and works in Shanghai. His solo exhibitions include: Black Shadow (Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts Lifting Space, Shanghai, 2019), Bad Men and Bad Things (Seven Art Spaces, Kunming, 2016), Day and Night – He Haonan and Luo Kai Dual Exhibition (Yunnan University Art Museum, Kunming, 2015). His group exhibitions include: Resonance – the 7th Duolun Youth Art Exhibition ( Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, 2020)(Upcoming), Nanjing International Art Fair (Nanjing International Expo Center, Nanjing, 2019), Tank Art Festival (TANK, Shanghai, 2019), Darkroom (Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts Lifting Space, Shanghai, 2019), Joint Exhibition of Jueh Ti Space Anniversary (Jueh Ti Space, Shanghai, 2019), Zhijiang International Art Week – Painting is Forever Invited Exhibition (Xiangshan Art Museum, Hangzhou 2019), Contract 2018 (Moss Gallery, Kunming, 2018), Full Star Art Project: Moving between Urban and Rural Areas (Full Star Complex, Shanghai, 2018), Geo-Land Schaft (Qing Art Space, Shanghai, 2018), Wenlin Art Museum Anniversary Exhibition (Wenlin Art Museum, kunming, 2018), College Light (Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai, 2017), Seven Mouths and Eight Tongues (Wenlin Art Museum, Kunming, 2017), Ximing Plan Young Artists Works Exhibition (Wenlin Museum of Art, Kunming, 2017), Blue Coast – Art Exhibition( Seven Art Space, Kunming, 2017), Fifteen Wildernesses (Yuansheng Gallery, Kunming, 2016), Reconstructing Babel Tower – Third Youth Festival of Art (108 Think Tank Space Art Museum, Kunming, 2016), Pink 15+2 Installation Exhibition (Yunnan University Art Museum, Kunming, 2015), Black Light Blind – Guishan Landscape Exhitbition (Yunnan University Art Museum, Kunming, 2015). Luo Kai participated in the production of SUPERFLEX artistic project in 2019 Condo Shanghai.


Prove futile


Second hand image

Body technique – Diving

Body technology – flying

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