Exhibition Mind.Body.Spirit- Li Chen Solo Exhibition
Curator(s) Chen Huijun
Artist Li Chen
Duration Sep. 17-Dec. 9, 2009
Opening Sep. 24 (Thurs.) 6:30pm
Singapore Art Museum
71 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189555
Organiser Singapore Art Museum
Co-organiser Asia Art Center
Special Thanks To Eva Air、Evergreen Marine Corp、Shan Yen Cultural and Education Foundation、Taipei Hua-Lin Funds Foundation of Culture and Arts、Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs

Mind.Body.Spirit- Li Chen Solo Exhibition

Over the last couple of years, Li Chen, who has created iconic works one after another, has become one of the most important contemporary sculptors in Asia. As Li Chen’s work continues to inspire audiences worldwide, the comprehensive solo exhibition in the Singapore Art Museum will create another highlight of his career.

Li Chen will be one of the few Chinese artists whom have been invited for solo exhibition in the Singapore Art Museum among Wu Guan Zhong, Zeng Fanzhi, Feng Zhengjie and Ju Ming. This exhibition will start from the inner courtyard of the museum and will extend along the MRT station to the Campus Green of Singapore Management University. The opening of this exhibition celebrated at the same time as the exhilarating opening of FIA Formular One World Championship. An International Symposium in relation to the exhibition will take place on September 26th. Participants will include many well-known scholars, critics, and curators, such as the famous Art Critic in China Gao Ming Lu, the director of National Art Gallery Kwok Kian Chow, the director of the Frye Art Museum Seattle Jo-Anne BirnieDanzker, and the director of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art Hsieh Pei-ni.

Twenty-five iconic pieces of sculptures will be shown to represent the artist’s progression from 1992-2008 and will take the audiences on a journey across time starting from the museum’s inner courtyard where “Water-Moon Avalokitesvara”, “Golden Rain”, “Snow Wonderland”, “Dragon-Riding Buddha” and other medium size pieces of works will be displayed. As the audiences arrive at the Campus Green of Singapore Management University, they will find large sculptures such as “Pure Land”, “Float to Sukhavati”, “Landscape in Heaven”, “Floating Heavenly Palace” and the powerful “Lord of Wind” and “Lord of Fire” next to the fountain. Last but not least, the audiences will enter the installation of “Five Elements” in front of the National Museum.



Dragon-Riding Buddha

Clear Soul

Float to Sukhavati

Pure Land

Floating Heavenly Palace

All in One


Landscape in Heaven

Snow Wonderland

Golden Rain

The Buddha in the Cloud

Cultivated by Mist and Cloud

Water-Moon Avalokitesvara

Three Bodies of Buddha

Egret’s Spring


Lord of Wind

Lord of Fire

Fulfillment Bodhisattva

Wisdom Bodhisattva






Five Elements

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