Exhibition “Neither Perception nor Non-perception” — Jing Zhiyong Exhibition
Artist Jing Zhiyong
Duration Jun. 11 – Jul. 10, 2011
开幕 Jun. 11 (Sat.) 3pm
Asia Art Center Beijing

“Neither Perception nor Non-perception” — Jing Zhiyong Exhibition

Different from realistic paintings, simple lines constitute the spirit and the lingering charm of traditional Chinese paintings. Jing Zhiyong chooses to draw with a single color and single lines in a way of restoring the “children’s drawing”, creating a casual and natural style. He records but not merely portrays memories – concerning changes of feelings and minds. He is imaginative too. His works are full of sweet colors, lovely characters, funny expressions and fantastic plots, revealing childish naïve styles everywhere. While the careful thoughts of an adult can also be found in his works: the application of perspective brings the picture more three-dimensional effects; the strong sense of scene and the arrangement of settings highlight typical personalities of characters and characteristics of objects. Apart from simplicity, his works are endowed with the technicality, decorative characteristic and comprehensiveness. Painting skills can be discovered in seemingly casual expressions and will not influence the connotation of the work. This is not merely a creation for delighting oneself, but has multiple identities of public nature and groupment, reflecting his calmness, perspectives and humorous sense of the times.

There is always a placid sense that lies in his personal experience, dreams, imaginations, or his abhorring and favoring feelings, or atmosphere without specific meanings or casual painting. In his words, this is a kind of practicing, which seems that you are thinking while you are not thinking, and what you are thinking is not originated from the reality, is not what you want to express and is not your character, but it is exactly you.


Rainbow Horse

Tea House

Big Flower

Lonely Boss

Wedding Party

Hello, Sisiter!


Highly Skilled Doctor

Incense in the Temple


Qingliang Mountain

Security Guard

Injured Pride

Danger in the Swimming Pool

Super Large Flashlight

Nothing to Contemplate

Conscious and Intelligent Mind

The Hero Saves the Beast

Fighting with The Gangsters

On the way

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