Powder · Dust – Ma Shuqing

2016 23×22.5 cm 130 pages

“Powder·Dust” is afigurative expression of thinking mode in the process of engaging in the Space series. By evenly spraying the mineral-colored powder onto the canvas, it is filled with colorful dust spreading all over the wall, floor and even up in the air. Floating in the field namely the working space, the incorporeal dust mirrors the color of memory, generating the final image at last. “I have settled down in the art studio, this allows me to spare more time to view the artwork that I have been working on whenever necessary. Usually, a major breakthrough might be achieved all of a sudden; however, it’s not the case when you deliberately view it in the process of painting. In a sense, such occasional viewing seems as natural as people ‘really’ watch it in person, it gives rise to a number of chances and possibilities to give it a try. By reflecting on abstract painting, figurative painting and non-representational painting as well as Concrete Art, I have learned more ways to push back the boundaries of painting.”

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