Title Right Place Right Time – Artworks by Keisei Kobayashi & Chen Qi
Artists Keisei Kobayashi, Chen Qi
Duration Apr. 27, 2019 – July 14, 2019
Opening Apr. 27, 2019 (Sat.) 3pm
Venue Asia Art Center Beijing

Right Place Right Time – Artworks by Keisei Kobayashi & Chen Qi

This is a Duo Exhibition of showing two artists’ works. Keisei Kobayashi was born in Shimane prefecture, Japan in 1944. He has been a professor in Tama Art University since 1997 and is currently the director of The Japan Print Association. Chen Qi was born in Nanjing, China in 1963, he is currently working as a professor and the Deputy Dean of Graduate School of CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts), the associate director of Printmaking Art Committee of China Artists Association, and the secretary general of Printmaking Department of China National Academy of Painting. This exhibition is not only the first time for Japanese artist Keisei Kobayashi to show his oeuvre in China, but also a systematic review of Chen Qi’s works along with the upcoming 58th La Biennale di Venezia. The exhibition features more than a dozen pieces of wood engraving by Keisei Kobayashi during his 40 years art career from late 1970s till now, these works are in juxtaposition with Chen Qi’s latest large-scale woodblock paintings as well as early figuration works so as to create a dialogue between them. The exhibition build a bridge of connecting the two artists between whom lies a 20-year gap, they put their reflection about our times into their works and show their distinct creative conception.


From concerns in the vicissitudes of social reality to exposing the shifts in our surrounding environment, Kobayashi’s work has been gradually leaning toward optimistic depictions of the future; his incisiveness has softened, and his once aggressive imageries have embraced a gentle touch in an effort to convey his wishes for all “beings” (sheng) to live in harmony. Chen Qi’s work has progressed into continuous explorations into a hybrid of abstract shapes and cultural sentiments through continuous observations at his surrounding objects and scenes; his perspective pierces deep beneath the surface, his former complex elements are now simplistic, and his imagery seems so enigmatically mystical as it attempts to probe at the significance of “life” (sheng).


The paths these two have taken might have seemed incongruous with the course of time and space as people never shied from voicing their criticisms and doubts. The two’s unyielding stance and, luckily, them having been born in an era that accepts different voices allowed for their individual discourse to spring, and frees them to respond to the era from their distinct perspectives. As Kobayashi once said, it would be futile to discuss his work once the factor of time is removed. Times make the man just as men have enriched the times, and is that not a great tale of our times? Chen Qi once said, “Having been born in this magnificent era, we should complete the tasks handed to us so as to not waste the time we are in, and to not squander our lives of limited years.” The proverb of Right Place Right Time seems to be exactly so.


Keisei Kobayashi The Charmber-No.12

Keisei Kobayashi Genge•A

Keisei Kobayashi Transmigration-Soul•B

Keisei Kobayashi Transferred Soul-at Day Break

Keisei Kobayashi Requiem at Noon-No.03C

Keisei Kobayashi Transferred Soul-Foreboding•A

Keisei Kobayashi Sunrises Again-Illusional Planet•8D

Keisei Kobayashi At the Dawn-Gunbu•05D

Keisei Kobayashi Transferred Soul-Illusional Planet

Keisei Kobayashi Transferred Soul-Gunbu 97・3A

Keisei Kobayashi Transferred Soul-Epilogue and Prologue•A

Keisei Kobayashi Transferred Soul-Gunbu 94•10C

Keisei Kobayashi Transferred Soul-Babel

Keisei Kobayashi At Daybreak 04A

Keisei Kobayashi Sunrises Again-Roots 2015B

Keisei Kobayashi Sunrises Again-Space Wonder Land 2015C

Chen Qi Tang Pattern Blue and White Porcelain Bowl

Chen Qi Erhu No.1

Chen Qi Fan No.2

Chen Qi Fan No.1

Chen Qi The Spring Equinox

Chen Qi Scenery Schema

Chen Qi Notation of Time No.5

Chen Qi Dual Lotus

Chen Qi Reencounter Pear Blossom

Chen Qi The Origin

Chen Qi Untitled No.16

Chen Qi Medusa

Chen Qi Hearing the Spring

Chen Qi Heaven and Men

Chen Qi Skyline

Chen Qi The Confine of Figuration

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