b.1958      Artist CV

SHEN Qin was born in 1958 in Nanjing. He studied Chinese Painting (Graduate Program) in Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Painting Institute and currently serves as National A-level Artist, Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Painting Institute. He lives and works in Shihkiachwang. His selected solo exhibitions include: Immitation/Resistance of Song Style : Exhibition of Shen Qin’s Artworks (Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, 2020), Shen Qin : Following His Own Path (Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, 2019), 30s: Shen Qin (Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, 2016), Yin·Yin·Yin·Ying – Solo Exhibition of Shen Qin (Suzhou Museum, Suzhou, 2015), Shen Qin’s Ink Painting Exhibition (Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, 1991). His selected group exhibitions include: Mountain House of Sliced Stones: Artworks of Shen Qin & Chen Qi (Asia Art Center, Beijing, 2021), Shen Qin & Chen Qi: Zero Degree (Asia Art Center, Taipei, 2016), Artworks by Shen Qin & Chen Qi (Asia Art Center, Beijing, 2015), Rest on Water and Gargle with Stone – Chinese Contemporary Literati Arts (Asia Art Center, Beijing, 2015), A Fragment in the Course of Time – Landscape of Chinese Ink Art in 1980s (Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Shanghai, 2014), Jiangsu 10 Artists Invitational Exhibition at China Central Academy of Fine Arts (National Art Museum of China, Beijing, 1986). His artworks were collected in: Brooklyn Museum (USA), Hamburg Kunsthalle (Germany), The National Art Museum of China (Beijing), Suzhou Museum (Suzhou), Guandong Museum of Art (Guangzhou), Hubei Museum of Art (Wuhan).




Shen Qin Mountain House of Sliced Stones

Shen Qin Green Garden

Shen Qin East of the Qinhuai River in the Moonlight

Shen Qin Mountain 20-3

Shen Qin Garden 19-2

Shen Qin Village 19-3

Shen Qin Village 20-5

Shen Qin Mountain 20-12.9

Shen Qin Mountain 20-11.3

Shen Qin Mountain 20-11.2

Shen Qin Mountain 20-11.1

Shen Qin Mountain 20-4

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