Through the Ages-Li Chen

2019  24×29 cm   192pages   USD120

Museum not only provides us with knowledge or common sense regarding the past, but also act as a significant cube which stimulates our imagination and awareness to generate brand ideas and means.

Museum is also a bridge between the past and the future.

As a renowned sculptor, Li Chen’s sculptures have been exhibited in many types of domestic and international art spaces. Nevertheless, it is of unique significance for their being displayed in historical museums for the first time. As his work and ancient Chinese Buddhist statues are in juxtaposition, we can trace the “past life” and “present life” of Li Chen’s artworks.

Through Li Chen’s early and recent works, the influence of traditional Buddhist statue-making since the Northern Dynasties seems evident, precisely highlighting his unique artistic language and aesthetics. As we weave through masterpieces of the past and present, we are hit with the feeling of fleeting time “through the ages”. Meanwhile, there is one thing that has not changed for thousands of years—human’s pursuit and desire of creating wonderful things.

Change and invariance are two aspects of our understanding of history and art. We appreciate that the publication of this book could provide some moment of enlightenments.

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