Transcending Fragments: Fong Chung-Ray’s Artistic Journey

2022     21×28.5cm    356pages  USD 160

The beginnings of the book Transcending Fragments: Fong Chung-Ray’s Artistic Journey can be traced to the exhibition 1960–The Origin of Taiwan’s Modern Art, held at Asia Art Center in 2016. The entanglements and inextricable relationships between the personal lives of artists and their artistic developments became increasingly evident through extensive research into the history of Taiwanese postwar painting societies. Indeed, 1960s Taiwan enjoyed great intellectual debate and artistic diversity; it was an era that left behind a rich legacy and invaluable historical documents. However, over time, many of these archives disappeared or become obsolete, and as a result, historical writings voicing the complex interplay of life and art for artists of this period are under utilized in art historical research and related discussions.
In early 2017, Asia Art Center hosted The Eternal Abstract: Fong Chung-Ray Solo Exhibition, later inviting Associate Professor An-Yi Pan from the Department of History of Art and Visual Studies at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, to author the present catalog. Professor Pan conducted several interviews with Fong Chung-Ray at his home studio in 2018 and visited libraries and archives in Taiwan and the United States in search of information. His focus was always on detailing the developments of Taiwanese art since the 1960s. His methodological attention to detail, elegant writing style, and innovative conceptual approach, provides our audiences with a completely new perspective on the life and work of Fong Chung-Ray, and by extension, this important period in the evolution of Taiwanese art. Finally the draft manuscript for the book was completed in the spring of 2019. Asia Art Center would like to thank the families of Fong Chung-Ray, Hu Chi-chung, and Mr. Frederick L. Gordon for their invaluable contributions; the many historical documents, plates and photographs they provided add a unique dimension to this finished work.

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