Yang Chihung The Sensibilities of Black and White – the Stream of Consciousness Series

2018  25.5×33 cm   112 pages   USD80

Asia Art Center is pleased to hold the exhibition “The Sensibilities of Black and White – Yang Chihung’s Recent Works from the Stream of Consciousness Series” in Beijing. Yang Chihung has been active in the New York art scene since the 1980’s; he was the first artist of Chinese descent to be awarded the Clocktower Residency by New York’s P.S. 1 (now MoMa P.S. 1), and received fellowship from the National Studio Program of the American “National Workshop” for two consecutive years. Discovery Channel’s 2013 “Chineseness” program documents Yang’s exceptional achievements in the world of Chinese painting as well as his participation in the 55th Venice International Art Biennale titled “Culture · Mind · Becoming”; the program was broadcasted across 28 nations. Yang Chihung was the representative figure of modern art in the exhibition “Chinese American: Exclusion / Inclusion” at the New-York Historical Society in 2014.

Yang Chihung’s art bears many facets, and the “explorations into the meaning of life” has been a continuous concern in his creative career spanning half a century. He began creating the “Stream of Consciousness” series in 2007, with his early ink works deeply influenced by James Joyce’s “stream of consciousness literature”, extracting visions from calligraphic concepts and experiments to exhibit a harmonious innerness coupled with spiritual balance that is uniquely Eastern in his work. Yang’s latest works further emphasize the techniques of “gu” (ink lining) and “liu bai” (to leave blank) in traditional Chinese painting; the works leave a trail to his consciousness through each stroke, waltzing with feathery lightness but untamed like the nature of cursive calligraphy. Yang began writing art reports and reviews in 1981, which were later compiled and published as New Trends in Modern Art; the book provided in-depth introduction and inspired artists on both sides of the strait in a time when information and news of art were lacking in the domestic art scene.

Yang Chihung and Asia Art Center began partnership in 2000; we have broadened our reach on an international scale, extending beyond exhibitions in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to include Venice Biennale, Ueno Royal Museum, and more. The exhibition titled “The Poetics of Polyphony” held simultaneously at both of Asia Art Center’s Taipei locations in 2014 reflects upon the artist’s oeuvre since the 1970’s, exhibiting the artist’s achievements and journey on a comprehensive level. For decades, dialectics of contemplations over abstract and representative, Eastern and Western, tradition and contemporary have not only left a profound impact on Yang Chihung’s creative career but also realized his positively unique painting aesthetics.

As a gallery with many years of experience on either side of the strait, we hope to propel a wonderful exchange between Chinese artists through the exhibition “The Sensibilities of Black and White – Yang Chihung’s Recent Works from the Stream of Consciousness Series”, so that everyone can explore the diverse facets of Eastern spirit in the great realm of contemporary art.

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