YE Yongqing


1958 Born in Kunming, China
1982 Graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Chongqing China

At first glance, YE Yongqing’s paintings may seem like fast gesture sketches. However, one can soon notice that they are delicately and exquisitely rendered. Purposely planned compositions of lines and shapes form the motion of flying birds. Coming out from the simple background, the animals and figures come to life. YE Yongqing’s works, painted with the most basic elements, celebrate the beauty of simplicity and deliver a refreshing openness to imagination and interpretation.




Painting a Bird-No.3


Painting a Bird-No.1

Painting a Bird-No.2

Painting a Bird

Stone and Crow

Painting a Bird

Frosty River

Painting a Bird

Big Fish

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