Title Yin Zhaoyang – Taipei Journal Solo Exhibition 2007
Artist Yin Zhaoyang
Date Nov.17 – Dec.09, 2007
Opening Nov.17  3:00pm
Asia Art Center Taipei

Yin Zhaoyang – Taipei Journal Solo Exhibition 2007

The visual culture derived from painting and sculpture has been utilized for its documentary purpose, recording our perception into retraceable history. The perceivable objects or matters in this sense, may be both ideas or subjects of any composition, in which the meanings of the depicted are transformed via the artist’s narrative.

Nevertheless, is it possible to visualize an intangible and abstract concept, such as time?

Phenomena like air and time, though invisible, can still be sensed and proven existent by their impacts around the surroundings. Formless as air, its flow formulates winds, and thus we notice its presence. Whereas time, we move along with its progression as air sweeps the dust within, experiencing the changes of the world, as well as the growth and decay of life, hence realizing the elapsing of time.

Artist Yin Zhaoyang’s works present an analytical contemplation of time and its conception, demonstration the capability of depicting immaterial matters beyond the craftsmanship of traditional visual cultures. Confucius has stated, “It passes on just as it does, ceaselessly day or night.” Time coexists with our fate, inseparable from our life. Yin’s paintings are detached from the representation of formal objectivity, creating a pictorial reality that penetrates through our physical sensory to reflect upon our mental realization of truth. Within the visual tension between such theatrical visualization and narratives, the works manifest our self-conflicted psyche permeated through a subconscious state of mind.

The first exhibition of Yin Zhaoyang at Taiwan will highlight works with symbolic Taiwanese subject matters, displaying the artist’s profound impression from his last trip to Taiwan.






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