Reality and Illusion Grow out of Each Other, and the Vacant is a Fine Scenery

Asia Art Center Ⅱ – Dazhi Branch Gallery is currently holding Mao Lizi, one of the most reverenced Chinese contemporary artist, his solo exhibition “Infinity – Mao Lizi Tour Exhibition at Asia Art Center.” This exhibition features the artist’s well-known Scraper and A Flower is Not a Flower series, displaying a representational collection that fully reflects his skillful technique of combining “abstraction” and “photo realistic” styles. The opening reception on January 12th turned out to be a great success, with enthusiastic collectors from all over the world to marvel at the artist’s 13 latest works.
Mao Lizi, born in Shaanxi Province, China in 1950, is a founding member of “The Stars Group”, who advocates the freedom of artistic expression, and who becomes one of the most celebrated contemporary artists in China since the 1980s. Behind the artist’s creative works, Mao Lizi has always remained faithful to the essence of art. The artist aims to divert the purpose of Chinese artistic practice away from serving the government, and instead to freely explore all kinds of possibilities and aspects in the art itself.
The Chinese artists that Asia Art Center has been representing in recent years are all outstanding contemporary artists, and Mao Lizi is one symbolic figure among them. Even though his works are relatively rare in Taiwan, their peculiar composition and aura have always drawn people’s attention. Therefore, even with drizzling rain on the opening day of “Infinity – Mao Lizi Tour Exhibition at Asia Art Center”, it still appeals numerous collectors and visitors to stop by. The scrapers, paint brushes, twigs, and even their shadow are expressed as implanted readymade objects, but a closer look at them one finds that those are in fact painted figures on canvas. Viewer all acclaimed a mind-blowing experience when examining and contemplating in front of Mao Lizi’s exquisite works onsite.
Professor Peng Feng at Peking University describes Mao Lizi’s works as “the modern form of Qi Baishi’s art.” While Qi Biashi fused gongbi (traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail) and xieyi (freehand brushwork) in his paintings, Mao Lizi meticulously combines abstraction and photo-realism with his excelled technique. His spirit of exploration and innovation are reflected on his notion of philosophical connotation behind the media, and rise of aesthetics concept in creative works. The paintings on canvas are no longer confined as merely two-dimensional, but as lighting hits the work, the protruding and thick pigment creates shadow that then falls on the canvas. The real shadow lies side by side with the painted one and it is hard to distinguish the two. Furthermore, while the dense colors remain authentic hues, when daubing onto the surface they become abstract figures. Through such practice the artist engages himself in a speculative process that explores the possibility of “pigment” as media in oil painting. It is exactly such unceasing wonders that intrigue visitors and collectors who are fascinated by the ambiguous definition between reality and illusion in his painting, and are eager to visit the exhibition in person to enjoy the best visual effect.
“Infinity – Mao Lizi Tour Exhibition at Asia Art Center” is organized by Asia Art Center, we sincerely invite you to visit Asia Art Center Ⅱ– Dazhi Branch Gallery to appreciate the “reality and illusion grow out of each other, and the vacant becomes a fine scenery” frame of mind.