“The Edge of Reality”: Gao Xingjian Solo Exhibition

Nobel Laureate Gao Xingjian Visits Taiwan to Attend Opening of His Solo Exhibition

What do you see when you close your eyes?
Gao Xingjian, the first Chinese Nobel laureate for literature, comes to Taiwan as a “painter” and will personally attend the vernissage for his solo exhibition The Edge of Reality: Gao Xingjian Solo Exhibition. From June 29th to July 28th, the exhibition will showcase his 16 most recent works, and this internationally acclaimed master will attend the opening in person.
Gao Xingjian, born in 1940 in Ganzhou of the Jiangxi Province, is a writer, playwright, painter, photographer, and director of film and theatre; undoubtedly he is a well-rounded artist. Before Gao was awarded the Nobel prize in 1996, the director of Asia Art Center, Lee Duenlang, made acquaintance with his paintings and then determined to bring back works from France to Taiwan for more exposure. In Gao’s paintings, the abstract landscape of black and white represents the ethereal realm of the mind, where one closes one’s eyes to “see.” It is about the light and shadow in the darkness, and about the delicate nuances of style. Despite having spent almost thirty years in France, we can still associate his works with Zen, a style not defined by any genre. His art truly represents the “Spirit of the East.”